Tuesday 18 August 2015

My fellas birthday weekend....

 I wasn't going to write this post but it seems I got so many fun photos and the girls and I had such a fun day on Saturday....

We were preparing a little surprise party tea for my fella.....It wasn't his birthday until Sunday but I think Sundays are a rubbish day to have a birthday!! He was at work from midday until 5pm so he didn't have a clue what we had planned.....hehehe

Party Food!! Yum!! 
Avengers Cake!! Yum!!
And a pink present......I ran out of the special Marvel wrapping paper and that is all I had.....We don't gender stereo type here.....hehehe

Of course the girls wanted to dress up a bit and wear make-up.....Make up is only for special occasions here so I let them go wild and they did just that....

A crown fit for a princess.....Becky didn't appreciate being called a princess.....SHE IS THE QUEEN!

Ellie hasn't quite mastered the trout pout....I think she looks quite angry....The little diva!

In the fun we were having I even managed to get a new profile picture for all my social media accounts.....I don't think I have changed my profile pic for a good couple of years barring a few days on Facebook here and there.....I even considered putting just one of myself on but chickened out....It's not all about me....It's about me and my family!

Then we made Stu open his pressies a day early....He didn't take much convincing!

Stu is 100% behind my blog but doesn't really like appearing on it so I thought I would take full advantage of his birthday celebrations to share some pics of him too.....hehehe Shhh! No one tell him.....

Stu had a fantastic birthday weekend......He better remember my efforts when it is my birthday in November....



  1. Hope your other half had a great birthday, what a lovely surprise :)

  2. Happy Birthday Stu! Looks like a blast :-) lovely pics too xx

  3. Looks like he had a great birthday :) lovely pictures..

  4. The girls look so funny in their make up!! Happy Birthday Stu x

  5. Sounds like a perfect Birthday for Stu! We love the idea of a tea party x #PointShoot