Tuesday 11 August 2015

Rocks Organic Drinks - Review!

Have you heard of Rocks Drinks? I have entered their giveaways a few times on Twitter and this time I was lucky enough to win a goody bag from them with a selection of their drinks....

I had a look around their website and it was interesting what I found out.....Hugh Rock was the founder of Rocks Drinks in 1981 but in 2007 three middle aged dads (they said it not me) took over.....They wanted a good and honest drink that everyone in their families could enjoy......I think they have nailed it!!

The drinks contain no artificial sweeteners, colours or additives and other nasties some soft drinks have in them....They use simple ingredients of fruit, real sugar and water....

The girls and I were keen to give them a try....The flavours sounded so good...

Sparkling Pink Lemonade
Still Blackcurrant & Elderflower
Sparkling Ginger & Wasabi
Sparkling Raspberry & Lime
Sparkling Strawberry & Blackcurrant
Still Mango & Orange

My girls and I went through them all and had a lot of fun taste testing them.....

My favourite by far was the Still Mango & Orange.....It is refreshing and so tasty....On a hot day it would be perfect straight from the fridge.....

The Sparkling Strawberry & Blackcurrant smelt exactly like those jars of baby juice you used to be able to get. I say used to because I don't know if they are still made? Of course it was delicious.....It was Ellie's favourite!

The Still Blackcurrant & Elderflower tasted just like normal squash.....There really wasn't anything exceptional about this one but it doesn't have the extra additives and
nasties in it....

The Sparkling Pink Lemonade was Becky's favourite....It was good....Exactly how you expect quality lemonade to taste!

The Sparkling Raspberry & Lime was just not to our taste....It was too limey but that is just our preference....If you like lime you would probably love it....

And the most interesting flavour of them all we saved until last.....Sparkling Ginger & Wasabi....I have never drank anything with Wasabi in and I don't think I will again.....I tasted the ginger first and that was fine then I tasted the Wasabi....Eww! The kids didn't like it either but Stu did....He said it was so good!

Rocks Drinks are available to buy in certain Tesco, Sainsburys & Waitrose stores.....

I was not asked to write this. I just wanted to share what a lovely range of drinks they are....



  1. They sound yummy, especially the pink sparkling lemonade, delicious!


  2. I've not heard of these before, but some of the flavours sound really nice,
    especially the Strawberry & blackcurrant.
    Congrats on your win! :)

  3. I've not seen these before, I'll be certain to keep an eye out as I love sparkling drinks.

  4. These look lovely, I'd be all over the Pink Lemonade! x

  5. oooh these sound great - perfect for summer days. Kaz x

  6. I love the sound of these, I'll be popping over to Twitter to check them out

  7. These sounds very interesting, I'll definitely check them out x