Thursday 9 June 2016

A fun little bird owl feeder.

We love to feed the birds and recently we were contacted and asked if we would like to be sent a bird feeder from the lovely people at Chapelwood....

Chapelwood have a huge range of feeders from fun feeders for children, anti-squirrel and specific feed type feeders....I didn't realise they came in so different varieties....

We were sent a Fun 'Little Owl' Feeder!

Ideal for use with Sunflower Hearts, Black Sunflowers and Peanuts and great for getting children excited about feeding the birds. 

This costs £8.99 and is about 25 cm tall. It is made from metal and feels strong and sturdy. From what I can tell it is weatherproof. It has been up a few days and we've had a lot of sun and some rain and it hasn't changed in colour....

To fill it up you just lift the head up and pour the feed in....

It is a lovely addition to our garden. The birds have been visiting over the last few days but I have yet to catch them on camera!

We are getting quite a little bird area in our back yard....We have a couple of bird houses up and Stu and Ellie made a bird bath and feeding tray.....

The birds are sure making use of the area....Becky was woken up yesterday by birds splashing about.....hehehe She was not amused but said the birds looked like they were loving life....Ellie loves it and it really has got her excited about feeding the birds.

Diary of an imperfect mum

We were sent this bird feeder free of charge in exchange for our review....All thoughts and opinions are our own.


  1. It's a very cute feeder and the area in your back garden is great, so nice to be able to watch all the birds happily eating. Mich x

    1. Thank you! It's a great area. We love it x

  2. This is a really nice feeder and whilst big doesnt look like it would stand out too much in the garden!

    Thanks for linking to #ablogginggoodtime

  3. Oh that's so cute!We have just a normal birdfeeder but we don't seem to get many birds unfortunately .Maybe they're fussy and would like a posh one like this :-D x

  4. What a cute bird feeder, it's lovely to see that your girls showing an interest in wildlife. We have a bird table and we get loads of blackbirds and sparrows but if the crows decide to try and dine there they are scared off. I'd like a bird bath but there are too many cats around and I would be worried that there would be casualties while they were enjoying their bath.

    The Life of Dee

  5. What a really brilliant idea. We have lots of birdfeeders in our garden and this would look great! '#PoCoLo

  6. Aww that area is so cute! I am sure that in no time you will have a sanctuary! I once added a wee bit bird feeder on our terrace but the seagulls are the ones whos attacking it and its broken in no time. #pocolo #ablogginggoodtime

  7. We recently moved and are trying to get our garden into shape. This little bird feeder friend would look amazing and I'm sure our little girl would love it! #pocolo

  8. Love this! Such a cute and fun addition to the garden as well as being useful for the birds.

  9. Oh I love this! We need some bird feeders, and they little guy is so cute.