Saturday 18 June 2016

Some thoughts about dads....

It's Fathers day soon and I am sat here with a post whizzing around my head...Words I just needed to get out! In my head and life there are three types of Fathers....Those who are amazing dads, those who take on the role of a father who are also amazing and those who are a waste of space.

I am not speaking for other people....This is just my experience!

Obviously I have the AMAZING dad.....hehehe He has been there through me through thick and thin. My mother left just after Becky was born and I don't speak to her anymore. I have blogged about why in the past and I'm not going over it again....Since then my dad has stepped up and he is everything to me....He lives down south and I don't see him often. He works. Too much in my opinion but he is happy when he is busy....I speak to him a few times a week and I love our chats....After my girls he is everything to me!

I would insert a fabulous photo of him here but he runs when he see's me with a camera....These are from years ago....Two I pinched from

Then there is those who take on the role of a father....This is Stu....When I met Stu he didn't plan on being a dad to Becky....She had her own father but things changed which I will come to later but he has stepped up and treats her like his own.....Obviously Stu and I went on to have Ellie but he treats Becky and Ellie no different. To him Becky is his daughter as much as Ellie is....

Ahh! And then there those who are a waste of space. Without going into too much detail Becky's biological father doesn't have contact with her....

He does not want to see Becky in person. He just wants her to write him letters, send him presents on his birthday, Christmas and fathers day....He has recently started paying less than £7 a week maintenance and because of this he thinks he is entitled to something.

So....There we go. I will go and duck and cover and expect some backlash from this post.....My dad from posting photos of him and my ex.


  1. I totally agree with you here like you my dad is like a mum & dad rolled into one and I could not wish for a better dad. My eldest dad is also a waste of space & has not seen her since she was 5 because he decided he didn't want to anymore. Now she is older he has tried getting back in contact & wants Father's Day cards etc when he has not seen her for years, pays no money towards her and is not a very nice person. Then I have my partner who has treated my eldest like his own even though we have two other children together all 3 get treated the same by him. I hope stu & your dad have lovely fathers days today x

    1. Thank you! Yep! That's exactly how I see my dad. He does the job of two parents. I couldn't ask for a better one. Eesh! Glad I'm not the only one with a waste of space ex. lol