Tuesday 28 June 2016

New clothes for me!

I don't buy a lot of clothes for myself.....I only get new clothes when I really need them. Like when my tops are getting holes in or fading so much that I look like a tramp....lol Last month and at the beginning of this month I had a couple of shopping sprees. I couldn't hide under my winter coat no longer and was in desperate need of some tops for the summer. 

I had didn't have a lot of spare money so was looking for low prices....I tried the supermarket websites but could only see tops for about £10 each then I stumbled across the website Everything 5 Pounds

Everything on their site really is £5! Tops, jeans, shoes, bags, skirts, dresses and even jackets and coats. From what I can see they go right up to UK size 22. They also sell men's and children's clothes too.

On my first order I just ordered tops.

A-Line Cropped Sleeve Top
Black Multi Floral Top
Printed Logo T-Shirt
Short Sleeve A-Line Tunic pink
Anchor Print Top
Beige Striped Tunic

All of the tops were true to the size I ordered and I loved them all...I have worn each one several times since I bought them. The only issue I had was the Anchor Print Top seemed more like a PJ top so I have just been wearing it around the house.....The short sleeve A-line pink tunic is gorgeous. It is my favourite. It has little parrots on and is so summery.

Everything I ordered came to £30 and the delivery was £5.85.

With my second order I became a bit more adventurous and ordered a couple of dresses, some shoes and some sunglasses.

Contrast Waist Sport Leggings
Navy Printed Shift Dress
Extra Thick Leggings
Contrast Basic Sunglasses
Mono Leaf Print Tunic
Twist Knot Flats
Jersey Striped Maxi Dress

Everything I ordered came to £35 in this order and the delivery was £8.22. Even though there was only one extra item compared to the first order delivery cost more due to the weight. I blame the shoes. lol

The tops and dresses were perfect...I love the maxi dress even though Stu says I look like a bumble bee....Grr! lol When I usually buy maxi dresses they are far too long but this was just the right size.

I had sizing issues with the Sport Leggings....They were huge. I'm a size 18 so I ordered size 18 to 20. They nearly drop off me. lol I should have went with size 16 to 18. It was my mistake. They'll be fine for wearing around the house in the summer though.

The shoes were too small. I am a size 6 and a half so I ordered a size 7 but they feel like they are a size 6. They need stretching....At least they were only £5 and I know in future to order bigger. I did have the option to return them but couldn't be bothered with the faff.

There are some great bargains and there is new stock daily....I keep looking and adding things to my basket in the hope when I have another shopping spree they're still in stock. I doubt it though. Everything sells so fast.

I was not asked or influenced to write this blog post. I just wanted to share the bargains I got.


  1. How do they wash Kim? I always think of it as a few washes then bin

    1. Everything apart from the maxi dress (I've not worn it properly yet) has been washed a couple of times and it's all looking as good as new.

  2. Oh thanks for sharing these finds Kim, I'm going straight over for a nosy as soon as I share this hehe :)
    I love your choice of tops, they are gorgeous, especially the second one on the top. And the dresses are fab too xx

    1. Thank you! I love the tops too....
      I just need the weather to warm up a bit to brave wearing the dresses x