Wednesday 29 June 2016

HARIBO Starmix - Join Your Team.

We of course love HARIBO. Who doesn't? We are particularly fond on the Starmix bags.

For a limited time you are being invited to choose your favourite piece within the Haribo Starmix and join their team for a chance to win prizes inspired by their chosen piece.

There are over 4000 prizes to be won including mugs, towels, sunglasses, keyrings and shopper bags. There are giving away 25 prizes per day.

Make sure you join your team at Team Starmix!

I was asked to choose my favourite piece within HARIBO Starmix. It was a really hard choice. I love everything but I decided to go for the Fried egg and a special treat was sent out to me.....

It really was a treat. We were sent a selection of the prizes you could win!

Ellie has claimed the sunglasses, Becky the mug and Stu the shopping bag so it was only fair that all the HARIBO eggs were mine....hehehe

Which is your favourite? Is it the Heart or the Egg? Or do the Rings make you feel like a princess? Or maybe it’s the Cola Bottle or Bear?

We were sent a box of Haribo goodies in exchange for writing this blog post.


  1. Cola bottles have always been my favourite - when the kids don't nick them first 😉

  2. Hi Kim, my daughter loves the Starmix, but I'd have to say I prefer Lidls own gummy bears as I think they are fruitier (sorry Haribo). I always go for the bears, when offered though.


    1. Ohh! I've never tried Lidl's. I may have to. :D

  3. it's the fried egg for sure, but the heart is a close second

  4. Love Haribo ... for me its the love hearts! At valentines day they release a special bag of them!

  5. I am definately Team Egg