Saturday 18 June 2016

A photo everyday for a year! #Project366 - Week 24

It's been a wet and cold week up here in Northumberland. I have spent a lot of my time watching Euro 2016 so I haven't really being up to much....I did manage a photo everyday. They're not the most exciting. They're just real life.

163/366 11th June.
We were sent the Dotty Detective to review...I had to wrestle it off Ellie to take some photos....Lesson learned. Take photos before you give your children the item.

164/366 12th June.
The teddies are taking over the living room.

165/366 13th June.
Football and blogging....That's how I have spent most of my afternoons this week. hehehe

166/366 14th June.
She is not a morning person.

167/366 15th June.
A sneak peak of a couple of my Stu's Fathers day pressies.

168/366 16th June.
After a few days of bad weather my washing pile is starting to build up again.

169/366 17th June.
Ellie has been helping with the meal planning for last week. I think I might fit a few of her meals in.


  1. It's good that Ellie liked the book, at least! I've been surprised at how little Euro 2016 has been on the TV in our house. My husband is one of those people who will usually watch any football match at all that's on! Hope Daddy liked his Father's Day presents.

    1. Thank you!
      hehehe. I've missed one match.
      He loved his presents and has been spoit rotten x