Thursday 9 June 2016

Our visit to the Life Science Centre - Part 2.

Last week we visited Life Science Centre in Newcastle and I blogged about the Animal Inside Out exhibition....I couldn't fit everything I wanted to say about our visit in one post.

After we had finished in the Animal Inside Out exhibition and had some lunch we explored the rest of the Life Science Centre....It is split into different zones. 

The Brain Zone lets you understand what’s going on inside your head through exciting, fun activities and exhibits. Explore what makes you ‘you’. Find out how your brain works and how it controls so many of your body’s functions – often without you even realising it.

A water fountain in a toilet. I couldn't drink out of it....The thought turned my stomach. It was all in my mind though....There were plenty of other optical illusions, memory games and interesting facts! The area really got us thinking and using our brains....

Experiment Zone. Explore how real science is done; carry out practical experiments using proper tools and materials and meet real-life working scientists.

We loved this zone! After queuing for a short time we were met by a scientist and given a choice of experiments to do....There were plenty of lab coats and goggles to go around all in different sizes....We chose to extract DNA! 

We were given a work station to use with all the equipment we needed....Instructions were on a touch screen display and were simple to understand....We got on with experimenting! 

The girls had a great time and felt like real scientists....I thought it was great that we were just left to get on with the experiment....Everything went to plan and DNA was extracted! We were in this zone for about 15/20 minutes....

We then washed the equipment and put it back for the next people to use which works so well....There is no waiting for staff to set everything up again....

This area is recommended for ages 7+. This is a recommendation based on the length of the experiments and the equipment (including glass and chemicals).

The Curiosity Zone is a place that gives you the opportunity to think like a scientist, not somewhere that tells you things scientists have already found out. There are no right and wrong answers, no instructions, no rules. You decide what you want to explore and how, and use your natural curiosity to make your own discoveries on the way.

This is a great area for letting children just play and learn in their own way....There are no instructions which gets the imagination going....

There was a table with air coming though where you could fly material up in the air, lots of magnets, cog systems, activities to make music, spinning things, sand and lots more....

We spent a good hour and a half in this zone. There was so much to do and explore....Even though it was so busy there was room enough for everyone....There seemed to be very little waiting around and we had a blast....

We spent about 4 hours at the Life Science Centre and there were several things we never got around to trying.

The 4D Motion Ride - Experience every twist, turn, high and low as your seat moves in time to the 3D action on screen in our 4D Motion Ride. You can expect to be blasted with wind, smoke and water, and you'll even be able to smell the action!

For safety reasons you have to be at least 1.2 metres in height to use the Motion Ride. There are plenty of other things to enjoy if you’re smaller - just ask a member of staff.

The Science Theatre - Step inside Life’s Science Theatre and take part in a live science show! Awesome experiments and audience participation help to unravel science fact from science fiction in fun, family-friendly shows.

The Planetarium - Experience the most immersive, absorbing journeys through space and the solar system. See stunning space films and visuals that you won’t see anywhere else in the region. 

Experience real-time Live Skies shows where you can find out what’s happening in space right now. Zoom through space and land on planets throughout our solar system and Journey through the stars and see surfaces of planets and moons in spectacular high definition detail.

All areas of the Science Centre including major exhibitions, the planetarium, 4D Motion Ride and Science Theatre are included in the price of your ticket....Prices vary depending on how you are paying but a Family ticket (1 adult + 3 children OR 2 adults + 2 children) is £34.00 and children under 4 are free. I think it well worth the price!

If you want to visit the Life Science Centre is open Monday to Saturday 10:00am until 6:00pm and Sunday 11:00am until 6:00pm and it is just a two minute walk from Newcastle Central train station....

We were given a complimentary family ticket and a gift voucher to use in the cafe so we could review the Life Science Centre....All thoughts and opinions are our own!


  1. I don't think there is an attraction in Newcastle where there is SO much to do. It's such good value for money - we love it x

    1. I know. We could have stayed for much longer if we had time. It is fantastic x

  2. Oh it looks like so much fun and great that the girls got to try out the activities without being overcrowded.

    Glad you all had a fab time :) x