Friday 10 June 2016

It feels like Summer is here..... #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

It feels like it's really here.....The sun has been shining and it has been so warm....Well I say that but as I wrote this yesterday it was quite dull and grey but it was still hot so I'm not going to complain.

I actually bought some sunglasses and a couple of summer dresses....We will just ignore the fact that my fella said that I would look like a wasp in one of them. It was a grey, black & yellow striped maxi dress. Hmmf! I like it.

The excitement is building for the summer holidays. This school year has flown over. It doesn't seem two minutes since the girls went back to school in September and now they only have about 5 and a half weeks left....

We haven't been up to much this week....We have just got back into the routine of school after a great half term.....

Ellie went on her school trip yesterday to a countryside event....She got to see a lot of animals and have a packed lunch...That was all she cared about. She usually has a school dinner so the packed lunch was quite the novelty.

Becky has started asking to go out with her friends on an evening after school which I am not too sure about. I wouldn't mind if they were going somewhere or doing something but they just hang around the park and walk the streets....She is sensible and her friends are but I know what I was like at her age so I'm not too keen to let her go....

This weekend the Euro football thing starts. I'm not much of a football fan but I do love things like this! When it was the World Cup I watched so many games and really enjoyed it. I am quite excited for the football. That's something I never thought I would say! 

The Reading Residence


  1. I wish I was looking forward to the football, my other half is going to be glued to it and I'm going to hate it :/ But I agree, summer is definitely here, even if it rains you can feel that it's much warmer.

  2. Hi Kim, I bet you just misunderstood your other half, I expect he meant you had waspish wit or something like that! I'd worry too, if my daughter started wondering the streets on an evening (my memory isn't that short either) luckily the culture here is different and they tend to meet up for coffee.


  3. Summer seems to get earlier every year doesn't it, I love the sunshine but not the humidity that comes with it. I so hard once your children are at that age when they want to go out alone with friends but you have to let them sometime although you never stop worrying.

  4. It has been lovely and it is lovely to just plod along sometimes. I need after the half term haha X #wotw

  5. I know! the time is flying!!! I'm lucky in so much as Sir is not inclined to going out.. I feel Madam will be a different story though..

  6. Gosh it sounds like there's lots of countdowns occurring. With football on its way and the school holidays just around the corner. #wotw

  7. Hoorah for summer and summer dresses, we have had a bed few days so I hope it comes back soon x