Friday 3 June 2016

The Works Summer Wishlist.

Whenever we visit Newcastle we always take a trip into The Works shop.....The kids think they are being spoilt by getting a new book or toy but I really don't mind because the prices are so low....Over Christmas I always buy a few bits and bobs as stocking fillers....

What I didn't realise was that they have a great range of things for the garden and outdoor toys all at great prices....

We love fairies here. Now you can give your fairy a nice place to stay with this gorgeous garden fairy house with handle and bird holes.

An awesome mini water balloon pumper with 100 coloured balloons included, simply pump them up with water or air for hours of enjoyment! I think this is a genius idea....So simple.

Grow your own plants with this adorable welly boot plant kit, just follow the simple instructions and in no time at all you will have some gorgeous plants for your home/garden.

Launch this amazing bubble shuttle in the air with your stomp pad, and leave behind a fantastic trail of shaped bubbles. Includes: Shuttle, launch pad, rocket and 236ml of bubble solution.

Have hours of fun with this 2 in 1 target ball game. With a game on both sides, simply inflate the play mat, grab a friend and start to play. Includes: Play mat with fling-a-fish points score game or the crawling crabs 3 in a row game and 6 x balls.

Have hours of fun as you bounce with joy on this Minions Hopper! This awesome inflatable hopper features your favourite character, Bob, long handles for a comfortable hold and is large enough for little ones to hop on and off easily.

Fantastic football goal set. Simply set up in your back garden or in the park and experience hours and hours of fun. Perfect for outdoor play and kids practicing their footy skills. This set is suitable for children aged 3 years and above.

The Works also has a great range of paddling pools for all ages and budgets.....I think the 6ft one would be perfect for us as long as the sun comes back!


  1. How cute is that Fairy House?! Think that's on my wishlist too. The Works seem to be popping up in new places now, North Shields have a big one now too 😊

    1. It's adorable isn't it..
      Ohh! I would love them to open one near me...hehehe

  2. Love the Works, and my two would love that football set. As for me, I want that Fairy House! :-) So cute.