Thursday 11 January 2018

Chocolate Fruit and Nut Fudge - Recipe!

I love fudge and I haven't made any for years but when I was sent this recipe I thought it would be fantastic to share....What makes it better than normal fudge is that it is slightly healthy!

You need:

500g 100% Chocolate.
250g Coconut milk.
50g Honey or Natural sweetener in syrup form.
100g Whole nut butter.
100g Nuts (Like cashews)
100g Dried fruit (Apricots are perfect)

To Make:

Line a 20cm x 20cm square tin with cling film and put to one side.
Place the chocolate in heatproof bowl.
Pour the coconut milk, sweetener and nut butter into a saucepan over a low heat, stir and allow it to reach a simmer.
Pour over the chocolate and mix until melted and thoroughly combined.
Fold in the chopped nuts and fruit, keeping a few bits back to place on top.
Pour the mixture into lined tin and top with remaining fruit and nuts.
Place in the fridge and allow to set (overnight is preferable).
Remove from the tin and discard the cling film before portioning into cubes and serving.

This will keep at room temperature in air tight container for up to a week.

Does this sound good to you?


  1. Well this looks divine! I'm going to try it at the weekend! xx

  2. Hi Kim, you are a bad, bad lady sharing a recipe like this! If I don't get on top of taste for sweet things soon I'm going into rehab!.. Your fudge looks the business though! Pinning for a furure special occasion.


  3. Ooh that does look tasty Kim - although I'm not sue it would be good for my diet! 😭
    Thanks for linking to #pocolo

  4. Oh my days this looks amazing! Naughty but VERY nice, my kind of treat! :) x

  5. Whoo this looks delicious Kim. I could just try some :) #pocolo

  6. This looks great - it most definitely wouldn't last a week here! Thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo