Wednesday 10 January 2018

Usually we have great Friday's....This was not one of them.

This was a post I wrote late last year....I wanted to make sure that the crime that happened over the road wasn't on the news and could identify where I lived.....Usually I love Friday's. They are the best day of the week! This certain Friday was not the best. 

Over the road there is a set of flats and whoever lives there is trouble. Previous tenants have had their door kicked in, left a cat to die, had fights and have always been really dodgy....On the Thursday night/Friday morning I was woken up at about half past 1 to men shouting...I dozed off back to sleep and then every half hour there was more shouting until about 4am when I heard a door being kicked in. It wasn't my door and I was past caring. Then at something past 5 I heard someone shouting "Get down, you're under arrest" and the same man who had been shouting all night, arguing back....I looked out of the window and someone was indeed being arrested....

I don't know what went on but when I woke up after a rough night there was a police woman stood outside. The kids got ready for school....Becky left then 20 minutes later I did with Ellie. I asked the police woman what was going on. She said she couldn't say as it was a crime scene.....I said "is it those idiots pointing to the house over the road"....She just smirked. I took it as a yes....

Ellie was determined that she was taken her nearly broken scooter to school....I said she shouldn't....She knew best and I thought this was a battle I didn't want to fight. I let her take it. Half way there she realised the scooter was no good and wanted me to push or carry it. No chance. It was a lesson learned for her.

The police were hanging around all day....

At about half past 4 someone came to board the door up over the road....My guess is that the lad who lived there was the one arrested. If he was innocent the police wouldn't have had to waste their time hanging around all day, guarding the flat until it was secure as he would have been in it unless he was injured somehow? 

There has been no sign of him since and as far as I can tell the flat is empty for now....

Ellie was a little later home from school than she should be and I thought nothing of it.....On a Friday she has P.E and is usually a few minutes late getting out of school. When Becky came in half an hour later she asked why were there sweets outside the front door? I had no idea.....I went and found a box of sweets? Very odd....

I asked Ellie about it. She denied all knowledge. I had a fair idea she had something to do with it....I said "OK, I'll go and ask the policeman who had been stood outside all afternoon where they had come from.....The little madam came clean. She had stolen a pound out of the money jar we have and stopped off at the shop on the way home and left the sweets on the doorstep expecting to go outside and play and then eat them. Bad luck, it was raining...I was fuming. She knows right from wrong and lying and stealing is so wrong! I made her choose her own punishment. She choose a 24 hour computer and tablet ban....

From the minute Ellie got in from her dance class she started asking for her tablet....She knew she wasn't allowed it and why but still kept on and on....

It came to 9pm and I sent Ellie upstairs. She pushed her luck one too many times.....Becky said she was going to watch TV upstairs. Errm! No! She still had the dishes to wash. She had been putting it off all evening. Stu washes the dishes on a Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.....Me on a Wednesday and Thursday and Becky on a Friday and Saturday. There is never many dishes to wash on her days...Ellie sometimes helps but she has an obsession with water and bubbles. It's sometimes easier if she doesn't help.

If looks could kill I would be 6ft under.....Becky went though the dishes and took out 2 cups, a plate and a glass which were from Thursday night. She said she wasn't washing them because they were from my day. I just walked away. I pick my battles and this wasn't one I was going to fight....

After she washed the dishes she went upstairs.....Usually we have great Friday's....This was not one of them.


  1. Oh Dear, we certainly do have days that are sent to test us and think this is one of yours. It does often seem that when one thing goes wrong the rest of the day is a roller coaster and can go either way, up or down. Let's just be thankful that there are not too many of them x

    1. The bad days are few and far between, thankfully! I can laugh about it now at least. Thank you x

  2. Awwww no! They grow up far too quickly and know which boundaries to attempt to cross over. But hey, enough about children... what on earth was happening across the road? A little bit of excitement! Sim xx #PoCoLo

    1. They really do grow up so quickly!
      I still have no idea what went I'm thinking alcohol or drugs were involved.

  3. Hi Kim, looking on the positive at least bad Fridays make good ones even better!... It sounds as if you are best off without the dodgey neighbours, hopefully any new ones will be decent people. Smart move with threatening to speak to the poice woman, things like stealing and lying may start out small, but can easily escalate, hopefully Ellie has learned her lesson... We still get that "not my job" atitude in this house too, until I throw a hissy fit (they work if you choose when to use them!).

    Thank you for linking up with the #MMBC.


    1. Oh yes! Every Friday since has seemed wonderful. lol
      I think Ellie has learned her lesson. Me threatening to speak to the police scared her.
      Thank you x