Saturday 13 January 2018

Week 2 - A photo everyday for a year. #Project365

This week saw the kids go back to school and not much else....Ellie has after school revision for her SATs in May three times a week so by the time both the kids get in it's dark. Hmmf. Roll on the summer. 

Here is a photo for every day....

6/365 - 6th January
Fruit Salad flavour alcohol....It's nice but not as nice as I was expecting.

7/365 - 7th January
A Sunday afternoon play on the x-box. We had a proper lazy day....

8/365 - 8th January
The worlds most disgusting looking bath bomb....Ellie my youngest loved it. lol It did smell pretty good though.

9/365 - 9th January
I won a £25 gift voucher and it was delivered on Tuesday....I've spent it already. hehehe I treated the house to a 4 slice toaster.

10/365 - 10th January
I was sent some bath oil to try....It is so good. The review will be on my blog next week.

11/365 - 11th January
The most exciting thing to happen today was my fella put a shelf up in the kitchen....Since we got the new cooker there has been nowhere to put the baking tins and trays. This is perfect.

12/365 - 12th January
My teen was poorly....Sore head and vomiting. She felt a bit better by lunchtime but was still not right. She spent the day on the sofa under a duvet. I think it's just a 24 hour thing. Eek!


  1. oh no I hope the teen is better now. The fruit salad alcohol looks intriguing, where did you buy it from, I may try it on my next trip. Thos bath bombs and oils are great but I hate having to clean the bath afterwards, spend two days chasing Scottish heather around the tub this week lol

  2. It's the little things that make all the difference in a kitchen isn't it. Well done on the voucher win too #365

  3. That bath bomb does look awful but glad it smelt nice! I think I'd want to shower after! #365

  4. Hope your teen perks up tomorrow, there are lots of bugs doing rounds at the moment. The bath bomb does not look very invitng, good it had a nice smell. Well done on your win, was it with Britmums? I got one too, haven’t spent it yet.

  5. Oh no, hope Becky's feeling better soon. Not nice

  6. Your poor girl. I hope she is better and nobody else picks it up. I had to laugh at that bath bomb. Why on earth would they make one that looked like that?! That sounds like an awful lot of SATs practise!

  7. Hope the teen is feeling better, and nobody else caught it.
    Glad she is getting in some practise for her SAT's . I know DD3 helped Fifi make up a study timetable over the holidays as her prelims start the end of this month. #
    Funny how we end up spending the wins on anything other than our selves.

  8. OH no that bath bomb looks pretty awful! They should never make brown coloured bath bombs as a rule.
    Well done on your win, a new toaster is on my list of items we need, very envious.
    I'm looking forward to your review, the oils look lovely!
    Awe no, sorry to hear about the teen, bugs are the worst.

  9. I hope the teen is feeling better soon. I have tried that bath oil, and it's really lovely. Three times a week for SATs, yuck, that's an awful lot, next time any of mine complain about doing 3 pieces of SATs revision for homework I shall remind them others are much worse off! Thankfully I have another 2 years before the next round of SATs in this house, who knows maybe they will have got rid of them by then!

  10. Oh no hope she's feeling better now!

    I am waiting for spring/summer too...winter is so depressing! And yes that bath bomb doesn't look very nice!!! Congrats on the win!

  11. Congrats on the voucher win... We're only a household of 3, and 4 slice toaster is a kitchen game changer. Haha!

  12. We've been sent the oil as well for a gift guide. It looks and smells lush, but I haven't used it yet so looking forward to reaading your review. Congrats on the voucher win! #project365

  13. That's a lot of extra work for SATs! I'm fed up enough about the 2 papers my son has to do for homework each week to prepare for his. Well done on your win.

  14. I loved those sweets as a kid... bet the alcohol is amazing! #365

  15. I have to be honest: the bath bomb looked rank! Children are under such pressure now and I certainly don't believe that exams are easier these days #project65