Friday 26 January 2018

Trying out Choc Lick ‘n’ Dip!

Years ago I use to love Choc Lick and Choc Nibbles....I would go to the shop and order a quarter of whatever and eat it from a paper bag....I had forgotten all about these chocolatey treats until recently...Then Choc Nibbles got in touch and asked me if we would like to try something new!!

Choc Lick ‘n’ Dip is the delicious, dippable new offering from Sweetdreams Ltd...

Pairing Choc Lick which is a fine dusty mixture of milk chocolate, nuts and biscuit crumbs with a fruit flavoured, hard boiled lollipop means you can enjoy your guilty pleasure on the move....It appeals to retro sweet lovers and is allowing a whole new audience to discover this tasty treat for themselves too.

Opening the bag it smelled amazing....Ellie was convinced it was hot chocolate mix and just couldn't get her head around Choc lick at first....It didn't take her long to get stuck in!

Of course she loved it and couldn't get enough! We all had a dip. The only complaint which isn't a complaint really. The bag is quite big and the girls would have quite happily shared one bag so having two lollies in it would have made it even more perfect!

As versatile as it is delicious Choc Lick is also a baking favourite with creative cookery fans across the country. Perfect for pancakes and cake decoration Choc Lick is a kitchen staple for anyone looking to give their baking an extra wow this year.....

I am thinking with Pancake day coming up it will be a perfect topping for that....Becky actually sprinkled some on her fruit toast the other day....It has so many uses! I imagine it tasting amazing over ice cream in the summer!

You can pick yourself some packets of Choc Lick ‘n’ Dip up from B&M Stores for £1 a packet....I know I will be buying more!

We were sent samples from Choc Nibbles in exchange for this blog post.


  1. I don't think I ever tried these as a kid, it was all about Millions - you always seemed to get so many! How fabulous though, love the packaging and I know a little mini me who would love these, will have to look out for them! Glad they were enjoyed! Sim xx #PoCoLo

    1. Ahh! I remember Millions. I used to love them too!x

  2. Oh this looks yummy! I'm with you on the Ice-cream topping, I bet that's quite nice :) xx

  3. Ooooh I used to live sherbert dippers, I would love to give these a try! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested