Monday 3 December 2012

It's beginning to look alot like christmas.....

That time of the year again when we put the Christmas tree and decorations....We went out Friday and bought everything...We were planning to put it all up Saturday but the excitement got to us and we could not resist putting it up early so Friday it was!!!

Got the Christmas tree from Argos.....A great price of £29.99 reduced from £59.99 and thank you to the voucher I won from Netmums A big 7ft one....It's the biggest one we've ever had....Looks fab though....Better than the one we had last year....It was very short of branches....

Took Stu about 3 hours but he got it up & decorated

The pictures do not do it justice....Looks alot better in real life...All the decorations were from Poundland....Great vaule....16 baubles for a pound we got 4 packs of those in Gold & Red...Tinsel a £1 for 2 meters and got a pack of Candy canes....I don't know how long they'll last because Ellie has been at them already!

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