Thursday 13 December 2012

Top Christmas Money Saving Tips!! Food!!

It's easy to get carried away at Christmas, especially when you're surrounded by all the festive food and drink....You don't need to be a scrooge to save money in the supermarket.

Think carefully before being sucked in by three-for-two offers on expensive brands.....Do you really need that many mince pies or would one box of the store’s own brand do just as well?

If you can hold your nerve leave the grocery shopping until the afternoon on Christmas Eve..This is when shops start to seriously discount food.

Be hard on yourself....Set a budget and stick to it no matter how appealing the fresh lobster looks....If it's not in the budget or on the menu, NO!!

With everyone going mad for turkeys sales of other meats suffer so they're discounted more regularly....Roast beef is a popular alternative to a turkey and chances are you'll already have horseradish sauce in your fridge so you won't have to splash out on cranberry sauce, stuffing, or other trimmings....If it simply isn’t Christmas without a turkey....Don't buy more than you need....Allow about 0.5kg per person.

Research food prices online....You can either do this by going to the individual websites for the grocery stores you shop with....

It is nearly always cheaper and more fun to cook a dish than dip into the chilled counter at the supermarket or deli.

Christmas is such a social time and when you have guests you'll want to give them food and drink especially when people pop round but don't forget that chances are you'll be going out more than usual too to parties and other social gatherings so be realistic and think carefully when you're buying for guests....

Ready-made trays of nibbles and cheese boards may look nice but think how much you could save by just buying the nuts, fruit and other snacks individually and arranging them yourself....

Don’t take the kids with you when shopping for Christmas food as when confronted with all the festive goodies they’ll want everything and you’ll find it hard to say no.

If you are hosting a party, ask each guest to bring a dish instead of buying and making it all yourself.

Remember Christmas Dinner is just a big Sunday lunch with crackers!!

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