Sunday 30 December 2012

Rylan? Tulisa? Gollum? Gangnam? Or simply Kate?

What will be the popular baby names of 2013??

As we all know, when it comes to choosing names for their babies, parents-to-be are dedicated followers of fashion.....In the Eighties we had the Kylies and Jasons, followed in the Nineties by a wave of Chardonnays, and then in the Noughties a whole load of Britneys....

But in the last two years vintage names such as Eve, Ava, Harry, Max and Poppy have made a comeback.

So what will mums and-dads-to-be be calling their offspring next year?

The most obvious candidates are 'Katherine' and 'William' in  tribute to our two favourites Royals. But if those names are too tame, how about 'Duchess' and 'Prince' to add a bit of glamour? Really...Sounds like names of dogs to

Most probably people will wait to see what Kate and Wills decide to call their baby before following in their footsteps and according to the bookies, the clever money is on George or Alexander for a boy and Diana or Victoria for a girl...

On the football field, two notable names stand out from the crowd – but for very different reasons 'Mario' – the name of the Manchester City player and 'Fabrice' the first name of Mr Muamba, whose 'death' on the football field inspired the nation to pray for him and who is now thankfully, in good health.....

But if sport's not your thing, how about giving your infant an uber-trendy handle?

The most likely source of inspiration will perhaps come from the world of showbiz.

'Hobbit', 'Bilbo' and 'Gollum' have a certain ring to them...Get it...Lord of The but I think telly is where most influence will come from.

'Tulisa' has got to be a contender, after the X Factor judge and tabloid favourite, as has 'Rylan' inspired by X Factor diva Rylan Clark.

Undoubtedly, the phenomenon of the year has been the erotic novel, Fifty Shades of Grey which, er, sowed the seeds for next year's generation. So perhaps it will inspire their names, too. How about 'Christian'? Or 'Anastasia'?

One craze that seems to be here to stay is a certain  dance that has been viewed nearly 1 billion times on YouTube. Naming your baby 'Gangnam' would definitely help get the party started. Or why not call him or her  for that matter 'PSY', after the South Korean singer?

If that doesn't inspire you, here are the Top 20 Baby Names in 2012


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