Sunday 16 December 2012

My Christmas Wishlist!! 5 Books!!

Every year I always have a few books on my wishlist at Christmas...This year is no exception....Just wish there was more I fancy....Usually I have about 20 books I want this year I was struggling to pick about 10!!

Still Standing: The Savage Years

"Paul O'Grady shot to fame via his brilliant comic creation, the blonde bombsite Lily Savage. Now, in Still Standing, for the first time, he brings us the no-holds-barred true story of Lily and the rocky road to stardom…Paul pulls no punches in this tale of barroom brawls, drunken escapades and liaisons dangereuses. And that’s just backstage at the Panto… Along the way, we stop off at some extremely dodgy pubs and clubs, and meet a collection of exotic characters who made the world a louder, brighter and more hilarious place. Still Standing will make you laugh and make you cry. Some of the stories might even make your hair curl. But it stands as a glorious tribute to absent friends and to a world which has now all but vanished."

This is the top of my list!! Paul O'Grady is hilarious!! I have read his other two books and me wanting this was a no brainer....

Keith Lemon - Being Keith

""Since being crowned the Northern Businessman of the Year 1993, Keith Lemon has been going from strength to strength and now is regularly seen sandwiched between two bang tidy lasses on the funniest show on telly, ITV2's CELEBRITY JUICE.

In BEING KEITH, Keith Lemon - international ladies man and national treasure - opens up and shares the juiciest parts of his life from the last five years; from selling Securipoles in America and travelling the world to his first encounter with Holly and Fearne and dirty dancing with Paddy - and all the juicy details in between. Packed with photos and illustrations, this is Keith's story of success told in his own unique style.

You'll never dream of him in the same way again...Ooooosh!""

Keith Lemon is a comic genius!! You either love him or hate him....I love him....Can't even look at him without giggling....I'v skimmed through the book in Asda and it looks so funny....Written the same way as he speak so you could just imagine him saying it to you....I think that makes a good book....

Cheryl Cole - My Story

""For the first time Cheryl tells her full story, her way. Revealing the truth behind the headlines, this is the only official autobiography, giving the fans the true story they've been waiting for. Includes exclusive, personal photos.

The nation's sweetheart, Cheryl has achieved unrivalled success with Girls Aloud, as a solo artist, a judge on the X Factor, a fashion icon and as the face of L'Oreal. However, the path to fame is rarely easy and for Cheryl it has been a colourful journey.

Now it's Cheryl's turn to set the record straight. In this heartfelt account, she opens up about all of the incredible ups and downs of her life. Told with searing honesty this is Cheryl as you've never seen her before.""

Some days I hate Cheryl Cole others I love her....She has done so well for herself I can't deny that....Started off on a rough Newcastle housing estate to now where she is a singer, fashion icon, etc, etc...I can't wait to read about her life....As much as I want to slap her sometimes I do have a lot of respect for her!!

David Walliams - Camp David

David Walliams is an actor, writer, active fundraiser and - above all - he's a world class comedian who knows how to make us laugh. He performed in and co-wrote the phenomenally successful "Little Britain" and "Come Fly with Me" with Matt Lucas, and recently appeared as a popular judge alongside Simon Cowell on Britain's Got Talent. He has performed many feats of endurance for charity, and won over the entire country when he swam the Thames for Sports Relief. Like many of our comedic geniuses he has grappled with depression and remains an enigma. His autobiography "Camp David" is a roller-coaster ride of emotions. It will surprise and entertain, and allow fans and newcomers the privilege of entering David Walliams' uniquely brilliant mind.

I think this will be an interesting read....You only ever see the 'funny' David Walliams not the real man...He must have serious moments? From what I've heard this book is more serious and you get to read about what he's really like....Looking forward to it!

Fabrice Muamba: I'm Still Standing 

Fabrice Muamba: I'm Still Standing is one of the books of the year. A life-affirming tale of courage and triumph that will surprise, fascinate and ultimately inspire you. THEY say that when you die, your life flashes before your eyes. Fabrice Muamba has been there. He knows. Muamba was the Bolton Wanderers player who collapsed during a televised FA Cup match against Tottenham Hotspur. After receiving emergency treatment on the pitch from medical personnel including a consultant cardiologist who was at the game as a fan he was rushed to a coronary care unit at the London Chest Hospital. Muamba s heart stopped beating for 78 minutes. But amazingly he survived. He made a remarkable recovery that has engrossed and enthralled both the footballing and wider world. Although it is Muamba's cardiac arrest and his wonderful resurgence that has brought him into the public eye, the truth is that he had already lived a remarkable life prior to his collapse. Born in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, Muamba was brought up surrounded by the terror of a civil war and without a father who was forced to flee to the UK in 1994 because of his links to unpopular President Mobutu Sese Seko. Muamba was not reunited with his father until 1999 when he moved to London aged 11. This schoolboy, who could not speak a word of English, then displayed the kind of strength and faith that would become his hallmark, achieving 10 GCSEs before swiftly rising to the top of the English game, firstly with Arsenal and Birmingham City before his final spell at Bolton. 

I am not a football fan in the slightest....The only time I watch a game is when the World cup is on....So for me to buy a book about a footballer never happens....The first I heard of Fabrice Muamba was when he collapsed on the pitch during a football game and it grabbed my attention....Since then I have read and heard bits about him and he interests me....His life growing up and playing football...He seems like such a nice guy!!

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