Saturday 8 December 2012

X-Factor Final....

That time of the year again..........


Only 3 remain...James Arthur, Christopher Maloney & Jahmene Douglas.

It is Obviously between James and Jahmene to win....I want James to win!! Apart from the fact he's from near where I grew up he's a great singer too!


  1. I haven't followed this series or in fact the last one. I used to watch every episode never fail, but now the toddler monopolises the TV and he's still up when Xfactor is on.
    Will "try" and watch it tonight.
    From what I have read online I am surprised you say it is between the two Js as I have heard that Christopher is regularly in the lead in the votes.
    Hope I get to watch it tonight.

  2. My kids are at an age now where they will sit and watch them but I missed a few years when my youngest was a baby/toddler...
    I think it's between the two J's because I really don't want Christopher to win...He's more like a club singer than something you imagine seeing at number one in the
    Thanks for the comment :)

  3. And you turned out to be right - both of Nicole's acts gone through. The two Js as you predicted :-)

    And Aaron went to bed an hour early so I was able to watch it :-)

    Liska x

  4. Yay!! I have been pretty good at guessing who was going to go this
    Glad you got to watch it :)