Wednesday 10 July 2013

Becky's Birth Story!

I have seen many people posting on various blogs the 'Birth Stories' of their children.....So I thought why not? First up here's the stories of my big girls birth!!

Becky - 10th September 2002

Becky was born nearly 11 years ago and I can still remember so much about it....

Becky was due on the 11th of September....A year after the Twin Towers were destroyed by terrorists so everyone kept telling me....Annoying!! 

The whole pregnancy was fine....I had barely any morning sickness or any other pregnancy complaints until the last 6 weeks....I became really swollen....Nothing to worry about I was told!! Then I got Sciatica....Whenever I moved I was in agony....I spent the last month of pregnancy laid about not doing much at all....

I went for a routine checkup with my midwife on the Thursday before Becky was due on the following Wednesday....She was a bit concerned that Becky's heartbeat was too fast and also said she might be breech.....By the time I got to the hospital her heartbeat was fine but yes she was breech....The doctors there said I needed a caesarean section....

On the Friday I went back to the hospital to have everything explained to me....It was hard to take it all in as everything was happening so fast!! Bloods were taken, I was prodded and poked & I signed the consent forms...

After a really long weekend.....On Tuesday the 10th of September I hobbled off to hospital.....I didn't walk....My feet were so swollen!! lol To say I was terrified was an understatement.....For 9 months I had been preparing myself for a 'normal birth' but it was not to be.....

I was settled into the ward and had scan's, blood taken & a million tests....A nurse asked me if I was ok and I broke down....I think I cried all the way through until Becky was born....I remember saying the stupidest thing....Asking the nurse 'what if she doesn't like me?' I laugh about it now but at the time with Becky being my first child I was terrified!!

Eventually I put on the sexy backless gown and was taken down to the operating theater!! 

I remember being told to drink this horrible liquid stuff.....No idea what it was But it was the worst thing I've ever tasted!! That really sticks out in my mind....I never thought to ask what it was....

It was no where near as bad as I thought it was going to be having a needle put in my back! Uncomfortable not unbearable!!...I was laid down and it felt so strange...My legs felt so heavy and strange....They cut me open and it seemed like only a few minutes had passed and Becky was born!!

She was born just after 9.15am!!

While they were rooting around in my belly the surgeons confirmed that I had a bicornuate uterus basically meaning it is heart shaped and that's why Becky was breech....Any more kids I had will be too so c-sections all the time for me....

Before Becky was born I had decided on the name Olivia.....I was certain about that!! Someone asked me what she was going to be called and I said Rebecca? She asked how I was spelling it and I said I have no The baby brain had kicked in!!

I was taken back to the ward about 11am and told to stay layed flat...It was something to do with the spinal I'd had and it could cause headaches...

The numbness was so strange....A midwife would come every half hour and take my blood pressure and tell me to wiggle my toes....Of course I was convinced I was moving them but they were not moving in the

From just after 11am until about 11pm I stayed layed down....I had cuddles with Becky in this time but didn't hold her properly until about 11pm at night....It was the best feeling in the world to hold her.....I instantly fell in love!! They gave me tea and toast and it was the best meal I have ever had....I felt

We spent 3 nights in hospital.....I could of been out after the second night but I was trying to breastfeed Becky and it just wasn't working.....The support I had was rubbish....The wound on my stomach was so sore and to be honest the nurses and midwives were no help....By the time I got home I'd had enough....Becky wasn't sleeping and I put her onto bottles....After that things were fab!!

I've just noticed I don't have many photos of Becky on the computer of her as a baby they're all in photo albums as proper photos!!....I must get them scanned.


  1. Aww I'm glad you're writing up your birth stories, its nice to look back on them.

    Becky was due on my birthday! :) The constant references to 9/11 can get annoying - I'm pleased for her that she escaped it by being born a day early! hehe.

    C sections must have changed a bit, I didn't have to drink any fluid before the op - sounds vile! lol

    Sparkles &



    1. It is nice to look back at them...I showed Becky and she read it and all she could say was WOW! lol
      I've just googled what the nasty liquid was and from what I can tell it is either antacid or anti-nausea Strange in a medical situation they tell me to drink something and I do without questioning it....