Thursday 11 July 2013

I want a Dyson....I do, I do, I do!

It's true I do!....I have always wanted one of my own from being a child...

When I was about 15 years old my dad came in with a huge box which was odd....My dad never bought anything new! Everything was bought second hand....It's not like we were poor and couldn't afford new things....My dad just liked to save and save and save....

In this new shiny box there was a new hoover....Not just any hoover a new Dyson DC01 Upright Vacuum Cleaner! We were so hip and fashionable to have one....It was my dad's pride and joy! For someone who never did housework it wasn't unusual to see him whizzing it around the house hoovering up all the dog hair....We had two Border Collie dogs who shed their hair at least 11 months of the year and it cleared it all....

Dyson bagless vacuum cleaners are still as popular as ever!! At least 15 years after using one for the first time my dream of owning one has not faded....

They come in all shapes and sizes now, some are tiny compared to what they used to be....I suppose a lot like mobile phones...Remember how big they were when they first became popular....Like house bricks!

I think if we were to get one the best type for us would be a Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner as they are small enough to just hide away in the cupboard when not in use...They do wood & carpet flooring...Great for us as we only have carpets upstairs and if the girls make a mess downstairs it still can be used...

I could of done with it a few weeks ago when I had the bright idea of buying play sand for Becky & Ellie.....I filled a small paddling pool full of sand and over two days it was spread all through the house....Was a nightmare sweeping it up!!

I have been browsing the John Lewis website drooling over their Dyson's....Wow! They're all so fancy....I want one!!


  1. I tell you what I love my dyson and I love Vanish so I thought I'd buy the Vanish carpet cleaning stuff (bit live shack n vac, but you might be too young to remember that!) anyway JUST before I went to spread it all over the carpet - DO NOT USE WITH BAGLESS VACUUM CLEANERS!!!

    Well that's just wrong!

    1. I might not be as young as you think...hehehe Do the shake and vac and put the freshness back....I remember the
      Ohh how strange!! I didn't know that!! Thanks for telling me....They're right you do learn something new everyday :)

  2. Ah...there you are! I finally found you blog again :-) Thanks for commenting on mine recently.

    I have a Dyson and I love the fact that it's bagless. It's quite a big hoover though and a bit clumsy to store but it does it's jobe well.

    Oh, and I definitely remember 'Do the shake and vac'!!

    xx Jazzy

  3. Also remember the shake and vac ads. Very cheesy! We have a Dyson. The previous Dyson died after years of loyal service. And I bought a non-dyson vacuum afterwards... But despite being a decent one nothings like a Dyson, had to save up and get another.