Friday 12 July 2013

Ellie's Birth Story!

I have seen many people posting on various blogs the 'Birth Stories' of their children.....So I thought why not? You can read the story of Becky's birth HERE....Here's the stories of my baby's birth...Not so much of a baby now!! 

Ellie - 29th August 2007

Being pregnant with Ellie was so different then being pregnant with Becky....I had morning sickness....Not just on the morning all day!! I ached, felt tired....Every symptom & complaint you could have I had it!!

While having Becky I'd been told that I was going to have a c-section with any more children I had so all through my pregnancy with Ellie I was told this until I got to 36 weeks....I'd gone to the hospital for the last check up before the planned section.....They took bloods, had me sign the consent forms and then did one last scan!! 

She was the right way up!! Her head was down!! They said I could have a normal birth if I wanted to.....I wasn't mentally prepared for that!! I had spent the last nearly five years being told I would never have a normal birth....It was like someone had just pulled the rug from under me...I chose to carry on with the c-section!!

At 37 weeks I had a check up with the midwife and she said Ellie's heart was beating a bit too fast....We went to the hospital to get it checked out....Of course it was fine when we got there but I was hooked up to the monitor's and had to press a button every time she moved....One of the midwifes came along and said I was actually having contractions!! What? I couldn't feel a thing! lol

At 38 weeks along the day had arrived and I was rather calm....I was laughing and joking not worried this time at all....I'd been through it all before....How different can it be?

I was took into theater and they started to try and put the needle into my back....An hour later they were no further forward....I was stressing out, crying and they sent for someone else to try....They got the numbing stuff into my back and I started to feel the tingling, warm numbing feeling spreading down my legs....Phew....

I was layed down and everything went great......Ellie was born just after 10.20am....She was fine!!

Then it all went wrong!! The spinal shot they'd put in my back started to wear off....I could feel them pulling, cutting and whatever they were doing!! Not just the sensation of them doing stuff the actually feeling and it did not feel good at all....They were filling me with drugs but I was just passing in and out of consciousness so I'm told....I just remember panicking, being in pain and a really strange taste in my mouth...Metallic...I'm still to this day not sure what that was....When the surgeons were convinced I could feel something (I think they thought I was just panicking for no reason) They said if they need to could they put me under I would of agreed to anything to stop the pain....More drugs were pumped into me and they were finished before they had to knock me out....

20 minutes later I was in recovery sat up giving Ellie a cuddle and I'd totally forgot about the last couple of hours....Then the shakes kicked in...I had to give Ellie back to Stu....I don't know what it was but the midwife said it was normal....My teeth chattered, my muscles quivered, jumped and all I could do was laugh....The more I laughed the more I shook....The midwife said I was probably in a bit of shock and it will pass...It did!!

I made it back to the ward and had food....Tea and toast....Stu was sent on a mission to find me proper He came back with a McDonalds...The hero! The midwives were not to happy.....I'd just had major surgery I was told and needed to rest my stomach....

One thing I will never get over is them missing Ellie's heart problem.....A trainee doctor came and checked on Ellie....He said there was a problem with her heart (a murmur) and sent for more qualified doctor to give a second opinion....He said she was fine.....If only he knew!!

Our CHD Story Part One & Part Two

I would love to go back and find that doctor and give him a slap for missing the heart problem!! The signs were there from hours after she was born....It wasn't that hot but she was sweating so I took the cardigan off her the midwives had put on her.....I was told off for that!! The main symptom she had of the hole in her heart was excessive sweating!!

 We stayed in the hospital for two nights....Any more and I would of been done for murder....This woman opposite me would ring for a midwife when ever her baby cried....What was wrong with getting up and looking after it herself I don't know....It's not like she couldn't move because at least once an hour she'd be going outside for a cigarette....

I had big metal staples....Probably not that big but they felt it at the time....I had them in for a few days after coming out of hospital and I was dreading the midwife coming and taking them out but it was fine....She was gentle....hehehe

The c-section wasn't the best experience but I would not change a thing...


  1. How frightening that they missed her heart condition. And I know the exact feelings of having a section as I had them with both my girls. Although mine ran quite smoothly but the second was a little bit worse as I lost a lot of blood and it took a long time due to scar tissue. x

    1. It is so frightening...Things could of been so different for us if they hadn't of found it in the end!!
      Aww! glad you're ok now x

  2. Omg I can't believe they missed such a serious heart condition! :O That is just awful!!!

    I had the shakes after my section too but they told me it would stop when I had skin to skin with the baby, and it actually did!

    Sparkles &Stretchmarks

    1. It is awful...I still don't trust doctors 100% now....It really affected me! But she's ok now and that's all that matters....

  3. Sounds quite traumatic to me but you got your beautiful girl at the end of it. I can't believe the senior doctor missed a heart problem!