Friday 19 July 2013

Last day of School!!


This school year has flown over....Does not seem that long since it was the first day of the school year....Ellie starting Year One and Becky Year 5!!

Over the last school year...

Becky has learnt to swim!
Ellie has really came on with her reading!
Becky is the 'House Captain' They collect house points for doing good things and each week and Becky is the one who is in charge of the trophy if her house win that week!
 Ellie has collected all the certificates she can for being good and doing well in class!
They both did amazingly well in their class assemblies! 
 They were both fab in their Sports Day! First one they've had in about 3 years due to bad weather in past years!
Ellie no longer needs speech therapy!
Becky is so confident now....She actually gets told not to shout out the answers to the questions the teacher asks!
Ellie has became a girly girl....Instead of just being friends with boys she now has little girly friends! 
Becky can read just about anything now & loves to read....
They both had amazing end of year school reports....Becky significantly above average in Maths & reading but needs to work on her handwriting more and Ellie average for all her subjects apart from maths where she is above average!! She needs to stop day dreaming in class though....She is a bit of a Dolly
They met their teachers for September and Becky has fallen in love with This will be the 4th male teacher she's had in 6 years in school and she always does better with male teachers so we're expecting great things for the next school year!
Becky is expected to do really well in her SAT exams next school year!
Both of them have decided they really like playing Rugby!

I am so proud of what both of my girls have achieved over the last school year....

Now the next time they go to school Ellie will be in Year 2 and Becky Year 6!!! It will be Becky's last year at Primary school which scares me.......I know she'll be fine at high school....But it's a big step for her at least I have another year until I have to worry about that!! :/


  1. Well done to them both, sounds like they have achieved a lot. Wow to the last year at primary, scary times!!

  2. Aw what a year they've had. My oldest has just finished reception. It's flown by!