Friday 9 May 2014


Friday again.....Even though I keep thinking it's Thursday today.....I'm all mixed up with the days!

My word of the week is...

I have a secret from my girls!

Stu needs a day off work later this month so he said to write it on the calendar so he wouldn't forget to put a holiday in at work.....The only thing was I couldn't write what the secret is or the girls would see it....So I just wrote secret!

It's driven them both crazy all week trying to guess what the secret is.....Some ideas they came up with were....

  • They're going to soft play....
  • I'm having a baby....
  • My dad's coming to visit....
  • We're going to visit him....
  • We're going to Disneyland....
  • We're moving house....
The list has been endless.....They keep begging me to tell them what the secret is but if I did tell I wouldn't hear the end of it....It's much more fun this way! They can be sat there watching tv and just randomly shout something

I'll let you all in on the Secret but Shhh! Don't tell them....hehehe

I'm taking Becky to see One Direction in concert later this month...She hasn't got a clue!! I've known about it for nearly a year.....I haven't told her sooner because I know she would ask every day about it and the excitement would drive her crazy.....

I'm planning on telling her on the day we go....It will of course make me the best mam ever!!!

Ellie won't be left out though....She'll be having a fun day with Stu....Going to her favourite place in the world! The soft play & out for tea and probably a few toys bought for her on the day!!

So 20 or so more days to go until I have to sit through hours of those five silly boys singing but it will be worth it to make Becky so happy!


  1. Oh, this post has made me so happy and smiley! I love how wound up they are, and that is such a brilliant secret! can't wait to hear how she reacts when she finds out! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

    1. It will be recorded! Her reaction will be a whole new blog x

  2. What a great surprise! Top Mom Award for you me thinks lol xx

  3. Aww so many nice activities! Have fun =) #wotw

  4. That is such a lovely secret. I hope you have a wonderful time watching OD with your girl #wotw

  5. Oh wow what a lovely surprise! Will you be posting her expression when she finds out? :)

  6. Wow what a secret, I hoped totake my daughter but as usual i was to slow and oh before you know it SOLD OUT! i was informed by my Ellie (9 and the 1d fan) that ''so and so's mum got their tickets on EBay'' such a shame i dont have an extra billion pounds to pay on Ebay!!!! Have fun!! :)