Saturday 17 January 2015

A home office in the loft.....I wish!

At the moment when I blog I do it sitting on my armchair with the laptop on my knee....I often dream of having my own office....A bit of space just for me where I can blog in peace and keep everything in order.....

We have 3 bedrooms and the girls don't want to share a room so the only place for an office would be the loft....That would do me. Work would obviously have to be done like boarding it all out, laying carpeting, getting some electric up there and of course some windows....

When I was a teen my dad ended up boarding out the loft of our family home and I claimed it as my bedroom....It was huge and I loved it but the only problem was there was no natural light....

My office room would have to be light and airy during the day and cosy and warm on a cold winters evening.....Some big windows on the back of the house where it gets the sun most of the day would be amazing.....

A blind from VELUX would be ideal....If the sun got too much I could always pull them down....They would be great in the winter as well, to hide away the grey, dismal sky and keep the heat in....

Now what would I have up there.....
I have so many ideas!

Westney Office Desk -- Gaslift Chair -- Tribeca 2 Drawer Filer -- Light Pale Pink Table Lamp.

  Weekly Planner Wall Chart -- Pink Candy 30 Litre Pedal Bin -- Artificial potted plant -- Pink Retro Clock

Bloom Roses Magazine File -- Swan Pink Non Drip Keep Warm Coffee Maker -- 4 Storage Boxes -- Birdhouse multi frame wall art.

Can you see a theme here....Usually I don't go in for pink things but these items I picked are so cute....I must be going soft in my own age....

Ideally it would be out of bounds for the girls and it could come in handy hiding presents for Birthdays and Christmas....hehehe

I do have a feeling if I did have a office in the loft it would be taken over by Stu so he could play his PC games in peace....


  1. I love how 'girly' your loft would be. I live in a very testosterone fuelled household, it would be heaven for me x

    1. I'm not usually into girly things....Dreaming of an office has brought out my feminine side. x

  2. I blog in the living room with my laptop on my knee too. I would love a special blogging room . I would not even use it just for blogging I would use it to relax and escape the chaos of family life and housework. I love the items you have selected , you would have one amazing room. Xx

    1. It would be amazing! I really envy people who have their own office space x

  3. I would love an office!! We have a garage that is basically a junk room now. Would be great to clear it and use it as a functioning room!

    The bits you've selected looks awesome!