Saturday 17 January 2015

Project 365 - Week 3

Here I am again linking up to Project 365
All is going well....I have found myself taking a lot more photos than I usually do. It's great!

It's been a weird week this last week....We haven't been up to much but there was plenty of time for photos!

10/365. 10th January 2015

Ellie came downstairs with one of those faces like she had been up to something naughty with something behind her back....I feared the worst! Turns out she had dressed her toy hamster in dolls clothes and jewellery....Phew! It did make me giggle....

11/365. 11th January 2015

I put all the clean washing away!! Hooray! It's a job nobody in this house likes to do....I thought I would shame myself on here so the pile might never get as big again!

12/365. 12th January 2015

Becky had cookery at school.....I do love it when she does as she usually brings home yummy treats! This week it was biscuits! They were delicious! She really is a better baker than I am.

13/365. 13th January 2015

It snowed!! It didn't stay though...It was gone by morning which we were gutted about....We wanted to build a snowman :(

14/365. 14th January 2015 

I had a delivery....A mystery prize...I'd won a home It has since found a new owner....We just didn't have the room to keep it!

15/365. 15th January 2015

Every time I look something else in this house has been branded with One Direction I am blaming Becky....hehehe

16/365. 16th January 2015

Becky and Stu having a daft moment....They have a lot of those...hehehe

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  1. The hamster reminds me of Gordon the Goffer! Those biscuits look good #365

  2. we would struggle to house that win too! .. glad its found a new home x

  3. Hahah, loving the dressed up hamster and thats an insane amount of clean laundry... looks like my utility room right now! lol

  4. Love the hamster! Oh wow that's a crazy pile of washing! My washing pile keeps threatening to take over the house, I am sure it increases in size when I am not looking!!

  5. aww just look at the super cute hamster! The cookies look great, I bet they tasted lovely. I don't think I could find space for a bar either in our kitchen.

  6. Love the dresses up hamster! Those biscuits look delicious :)

  7. thats a well posh hamster, nicely dressed. Your pile of washing is only half the size of my daughters. We only got dribbles of snow as well but enough to freeze solid the next day and make the road treacherous. Those biscuits look fab well done, and I love the daft picture - just what families are all about. Thanks for linking up to Project 365

  8. Wow congrats on winning the home bar. So funny that you are finding One Direction stickers on the back of your remote. I wonder where else she has stuck them lol.

  9. I'm so glad I don't have girls... I couldn't cope with ID tat everywhere.. :)