Friday 23 January 2015

National Pie Day & Birds Eye!

We do like a pie!!.....Especially with a bit of mash and covered in gravy! 

Today is....

I hold my hands up and say I don't make my own home made pies all the time but I do always have some Birds Eye pies in the freezer....They have a great range which we enjoy....In the colder months we have them at least once every couple of weeks!

Puff Pastry Chicken & Ham Pies - Shortcrust Creamy Chicken Pies - Shortcrust Chicken Pies - Shortcrust Meat & Potato Pies - Puff Pastry British Steak Pies - Shortcrust Steak Pie

I think at some point over the last year we have tried all of these pies....

Our favourite is by far the Puff Pastry Chicken & Ham Pies but our local Asda don't always have them in and our Tesco online don't stock them....Boo!!

Last night we had some of the Shortcrust Chicken Pies with mash, carrots & sweetcorn and of course covered it in gravy.....Pie & Mash has to have gravy....

When they say they are filled with pieces of chicken breast they really are...Some pies are a bit stingy with their chicken. These are not....There is also plenty of vegetables in there too....We also love the crispy pastry....Very tasty!  

I think Birds Eye really do make the best pies....They are perfect for this time of year....

With it being National Pie Day will you be having any pie today?

I was sent some Birds Eye vouchers in exchange for writing this post....However these are my own thoughts and opinions....


  1. Ok. So pie and mash it is tonight!! I always make my own. Only because I'm fussy lol. Nothing against any brands I'm just a bit strange lol. I better get making!!

    1. hehehe! I'm not the best cook....The only pie I can manage to make is corned beef & onion. lol x

  2. Sshhh! Don't tell the Hubby it's National Pie Day, he'll want pie. And with pie goes gravy and bread. Before I know he'll be complaining about putting on weight again!

    We love pies too and these sound yummy!

    1. Eek! Your husband Sounds a lot like my
      Thank you x

  3. Well, my oven has been broken for the past week and was finally fixed today so I have sent my husband in search of a pie to celebrate!