Friday 10 April 2015

Happy! #WotW

Yesterday I was tagged in the 50 Things that Make me Happy tag by the lovely Helen who blogs over at All The Beautiful Things so I thought I would tie it in with my Word of the Week....

Obviously this week my word of the week is:

We have had a happy week....The sun has been shining which of course has put every one in a great mood....The girls have been playing outside a lot....So much so I've hardly seen them...Stu has been off work so I have been very happy to let him help with the house work and today we're off to the cinema to see Cinderella which the kids are extremely happy about.....

So onto the 50 Things that Make me Happy.
In no particular order....

My girls being happy.
Blossom Hill Rose Wine.
Sunny Days.
Winning competitions.
Laughing .
A full fridge.
Soaking in the bath without any interruptions.
The postman bringing me goodies.
Finally remembering where that thing is that you were looking for.
Laying in bed with my fella watching our fave shows.
Text messages from friends.
Looking through old photographs.
My hair when it's just been dyed.
Fresh doughnuts.
Comfortable shoes.
Being right.
Roast Chicken Dinners cooked by someone else.
Singing loudly and badly to my favourite songs.
Days out.
Tickling my girls.
My blog.
Cosy slippers.
Watching Friends again & again.
The sun shining on the school run.
Fresh flowers.
Not hearing a song in a long time and remembering all the words.
Disney films.
People taking the time to read my blog.
Finding a bargain.
A good stretch.
Domino's Pizza.
Nights out with friends.
The kids doing well at school.
The thought that summer is nearly here.
The first sip of coffee on a morning. 
Eating out.
Finding money in a coat pocket I haven’t worn in ages.
Nice smelling candles.
Online shopping.
Reading blogs.
The kids bedtime when they are in a foul mood.
Learning something new.
Hot chocolate with little marshmallows.
A tidy house.
Getting into a bed with clean sheets.
People commenting on my blog - Thank you!

 What makes you happy?

The Reading Residence


  1. That's a great list, and a great word - often it's the little things that bring the most joy isn't it, but often we overlook them too. Here's hoping to lots more happy things - have a great weekend x #wotw

    1. Thank you! Yes it certainly is the little things which bring the most joy!
      Have a great weekend too x

  2. Thanks for joining in the tag Kim! It's really nice seeing what else makes other people happy :-) Great word of the week.

    Helen - #WotW

    1. You're most welcome! Thank you for the tag!

  3. I have been tagged in one of these this week and when I saw 50 I thought Wow how am I going to find 50 things? This is a great happy list xx #WotW

    1. I thought that....50 things seemed so many but once I got started I could have quite happily listed another 50 as well x

  4. Such a lovely list! I like a full fridge, too :) Thanks for sharing with #WotW

    1. hehehe...Full fridges make everyone happy! lol
      Thank you for hosting x

  5. A great list of happy things! :) Great post. xx

  6. What a great 'Happy' List.
    A Sunny day always put a smile on my face, and the wine (well lager in my case) is always a winner haha ;).
    Have a lovely weekend x

  7. Clean sheets are heavenly! I think I want to make a list like this! #wotw

    1. Go on do it...I'm nominating you.....hehehe
      Thank you!