Tuesday 14 April 2015

Science fun with a Microscope Set & Bug Barn - Review!!

My girls have a keen interest in science....A science kit is something I would never of thought of buying my girls a few years ago....I used to think science was more for boys rather than girls but my girls want to know about everything....In the past we have reviewed a few science kits and they have always had a lot of enjoyment from them....Becky and Ellie love to learn about the world we live in.

We were sent couple of Discovery Channel science toys from Trends UK to try out....

Discovery 100 X Microscope Set

Price - £19.99

This microscope features three magnifications – 25X, 50X and 100X – and an electric illuminator. The 36 piece set includes three prepared slides, eight blank slides, two specimen vials, tweezers, pipette, spare bulb, instruction manual and much more. Requires 2 x AA batteries (not included).

We have had a couple of microscopes in the past which to be honest haven't been that great but this one impressed me despite it feeling quite light....

It was easy to set up and we got straight onto looking at the prepared slides which amazed the girls.....

They were keen to find everyday things around the house to have a look at....We tried milk, soil, leaves, tomatoes, talc, hair and salt.....

I thought the salt was the most impressive....

We just put little bits of what we were looking at on the slides and under the microscope when we were done looking we just wiped the slide down and it was good to use again....

Ellie was especially amazed....It is the first time she has used anything like this and just couldn't grasp that things look like they do when they are magnified.....

I lost track of the time my girls played with this but it kept their attention and I think as long as they were finding things to go under the microscope it would have continued to....They could have been there all afternoon and evening....The only reason they stopped was because I got the other thing we were sent to try out....

I think this is well worth the money and a great learning tool.....

Discovery Bug Barn

Price - £14.99

It’s a great way to collect and observe common bug specimens with this interesting viewing container. Children will love the world of insects up close! Includes observation room, magnifying glass, tweezers, canister, net and instruction manual. Plus a sheet of window clings to decorate windows, tools, mirrors and any other dry, flat surface.

 I don't like bugs or insects but my girls do....They take great pleasure in bringing creatures in from outside....lol I sent them outside to look for some creepy crawlies after they had of course had a play with the magnifying glass....

They managed to catch a spider with the net...Oh joy! They put it into the canister.....It didn't look too scary when you looked through the side but through the top of the plastic canister it was magnified.....Eek!

When the summer is really here and there are plenty of bugs outside I can see this set getting more use....

These are both great sets and opened up a whole new part of science to my girls....

We were sent these science kits free of charge to try....This is my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.


  1. Well I love the microscope set and think the price is a bargain - not so keen on the thought of catching spiders though! Yikes! #triedtested

    1. It is a fab price for what it is....I don't like the spider catcher either as my girls are now calling it but they love it x

  2. I love the look of both of these! I was only talking to my daughter the other day about microscopes, so maybe it's time to get one!

  3. These look great. My son would love the bug one (not sure I would though)!! #triedtested

  4. I remember these from my college days. We used to have real powerful microscopes for our microbiology classes.

  5. Oh how fab! My big bro and sis would love these - but no spiders uurrggghhh! X

  6. Oh how great are these! I think Alfie is a little young still but when he's older he'd love them!

    Helen - #triedtested

  7. Aww this looks great. I bet my daughter would find it very interesting :)

  8. These look a great set, your kids look very happy with their findings...including the spider!!

  9. my daughter would love this! shes just starting to get interested in science. She loved learning about space but wasn't impressed when we bought her a telescope!