Wednesday 15 April 2015

Ugly P.E Kits.....

According to research, 46 per cent of girls say they enjoy being active but hate their school PE kit as it makes them feel 'ugly'

In the new survey from Virgin Active girls were asked to create their perfect PE kit. They suggested leggings, dark colours to hide sweat patches and tops with high-necked collars.

Really? Really....In the early 90's I had to wear itchy gym shorts, a blue polo shirt for P.E and black plimsolls.....When we did netball and hockey we were lucky enough to wear a gym skirt and for cross country we had to wear plain white or black trainers which were not allowed to be branded or named.

 The teachers used to say it was a P.E lesson NOT a fashion show....If I tried to get out of P.E by forgetting my kit I had to use one from lost property.

In life sometimes we have to wear the clothes that we don't feel pretty in....That is part of life! Some teenage girls feel uncomfortable in their clothing especially in something they are forced to wear....It is nothing to do with sport!! It's not the PE kit that needs addressing but their lack of self esteem.

Becky is in secondary school and they have to wear a white polo shirt with the school logo and plain black tracksuit bottoms or black shorts. Which is a lot nicer attire than I had to wear....

It has also been suggested that cubicles, showers and hairdryers should be installed in school changing rooms so that girls can “reconstruct themselves” after PE lessons. I agree with the cubicles being installed....I hated getting changed in front of others when I was a teen and showering in front of others too but hairdryers? That's taking it a step too far.....What a waste of money!

What was your own PE kit like when you were at school? 
Did it make you feel ugly or self-conscious?


  1. I agree with you - another example of things been taking too far!


  2. I remember the hideous PE knickers we had to wear under our gym skirts, for netball, although we just had to wear the PE knickers and shirt for gymnastics, urghhh. I hated PE though, I didn't like to get changed and shower in front of everyone, I was very self concious which I think most teenagers are as their bodies are changing.

    I agree though why the hell do they need hair dryers.

  3. Just as bad for the lads as well.....