Saturday 25 April 2015

Project 365 - Week 17

I haven't taken many photos this week.....The kids have been sick (they're fine now) so we haven't really done much....I just haven't been in a photo taking mood but somehow did manage to take one every day....

108/365. 18th April 2015

Domino's again! lol I'm sure they put something in it which makes you crave it even more....

109/365. 19th April 2015

Sunday was the day I started playing Minecraft! I had watched the kids play it enough to know the basics and now I can use it as a bargaining tool with the girls.....Yes I will play Minecraft with you if you tidy your room first.....hehehe

110/365. 20th April 2015

Becky wasn't well at all.....

111/365. 21th April 2015

By Tuesday she had recovered.....

112/365. 22th April 2015

On Wednesday it was Ellie's turn to be sick.....By lunch time she had recovered so we made cakes....

113/365. 23th April 2015

Ellie was better and back to school....
114/365. 24th April 2015

After the day I had the wine was open just after 6pm which is early for me.....There was a bit of drama at Becky's school which saw Stu and I rushing up there in a bit of a panic....Last night there was a very angry email sent to the school....Grrr

1 comment :

  1. Oh domino's is very addictive!,
    and how terrible of the school, you must of been going out of your mind, I hope you get a satisfactory response to your email, just terrible.
    Glad the girls are feeling better now too. x