Saturday 18 April 2015

Project 365 - Week 16

We've had a fun filled week and lots of laughs.....The kids went back to school on Tuesday but the week has gone so quickly....I do love a 4 day week!!

101/365. 11th April 2015

On Saturday I posted my 1000th post! Go Took me just over two and a half years....

102/365. 12th April 2015 

More Monopoly playing and arguments....

103/365. 13th April 2015

I loved the wall in the orthodontics....Becky went to see about getting her braces....She's not getting them just yet....She needs to wait for an adult tooth to come through & work on her brushing....

104/365. 14th April 2015

Becky got this Minion balloon on Monday and everywhere I turned it was there....In my face!

105/365. 15th April 2015 

After Becky pushed it in my face even more I cut the string off....I am just awful.....Becky even resorted to trying to climb the step ladder to get it down.....She didn't get past the 2nd She got it down with a sweeping brush....hahaha

106/365. 16th April 2015 

The kids say there is nothing for breakfast....Really! Really!
I count at least 6 different cereals....There is bread in the cupboard as well as cereal bars.....What more do they want?

107/365. 17th April 2015

An average Friday evening....Alcohol and blog reading! My fave night of the week.....


  1. Well done on your 1000th post - that's a fab achievement. Love that wall in the orthodontists too and the cereal photo made me chuckle. Hope you are having a lovely weekend :-)

  2. I had to giggle at cutting the balloon string,
    oh don't you just love board games and all of the rows of who won haha! same here.
    Great photos x