Thursday 4 June 2015

Father's Day Gifts - All under £10!

 It is time to start thinking about the special men in our life.....Our dads and the fathers of our children.....

In case you didn't know it's fathers later this month on Sunday the 21st of June....Here are a few of the great gifts I have found online.....Everything is £10 and under too....

English Breakfast Tea Gift - £9.99 - British Tea Lovers
 Grow Your Own Chilli Gro'pot Set - £4.99 - Not On The High Street
Personalised BBQ Glove - £7.99 - Asda Gifts 
Jeremy Kyle Chocolate Bar - £4.99 - Toxic Fox
Half Pint Glass - £9.99 - IWOOT
 Sandal Socks - £4.95 - Prezzybox

Happy Father’s Day Pocket Box - £8.00 - Hotel Chocolat
Fines For Snoring Money Tin - £2.99 - Find Me A Gift 
Baylis And Harding mens citrus lime and mint 4 piece set - £6.00 - Boots
Fart Extinguisher - Fun, Novelty Air Freshener - £4.99 - The Present Finder 
Make Your Own London Taxi - £3.95 - Dot Com Gift Shop
NotPad - Not an iPad - Get it? - £4.99 - The Present Finder

Mr Afro Nose and Ear Trimmer - £5.95 - Tesco
Fathers Day Frame Dad Chalkboard - £9.00 - Clinton Cards
Amazing Dad Personalised Pint Glass - £8.49 - Keep it Personal
My Family Photo Mug - £9.99 - Toxic Fox
Mr Grumpy wash duo - £9.00 - Debenhams
Dad's Army Tin - £6.99 - Menkind

What are the men in your life getting for Fathers Day?


  1. Great gift guide! and reasonable prices too.
    Love the Mr Men bath set, although I think we could do with the fart extinguisher in our house being more men led lol! :) x

    1. hahaha! The fart extinguisher will be handy here too.

  2. Fab ideas. I love the 'notpad' that made me chuckle!

    1. It's great isn't it....I am getting my Dad it...hehehe

  3. Great post, I'm lucky my hubby birthday a week a part from daddy day and I get a lot ideas, haha!

  4. I don't know about you but I hate buying gifts for Father's Day, I always find it soooo difficult. My Husband doesn't really have 'hobbies' and he prefers to buy his own clothes so he always ends up with the same old things year on year but I tell him it's his own fault. Some good ideas here though :)