Saturday 20 June 2015

Project 365 - Week 25

Doing Project 365 sure makes you realise how quickly the year is flying over....Nearly half way through the year....Eek! I've been a bit rubbish at taking photos this week...I have managed one every day though....Phew!

 164/365. 13th June 2015
The gorgeous gift set I won from Two Hearts One Roof arrived....It was swiftly hidden away for fathers day.

165/365. 14th June 2015
Ellie wanted sparkly nails so she got them :)

166/365. 15th June 2015
 Becky had her fortnightly cookery lesson at school.....Cookies!! She saved Ellie, Stu and me one which I thought was so kind of her!

167/365. 16th June 2015
I often see this car driving about but saw it parked and had to have a photo....A real life Noddy car....hehehe

168/365. 17th June 2015
Another fathers day present for Stu....We've been watching Breaking Bad again so I thought this was a good choice.

169/365. 18th June 2015
I have realised I need new Every pair I have has holes in....The shame. (Yes this was a panic photo when I realised I hadn't taken one for Thursday....hehehe)

170/365. 19th June 2015
The girls spent some of their pocket money on recorders.....Why my fella Stu allowed it, I don't know.....I have a feeling these will be getting lost real soon....


  1. haha that made me chuckle about the recorders!!! I am so not looking forward to that stage! My little girl can get a brilliant note out of brass instruments and a didgeridoo and she's only just three. I think things are going to get noisy around here!x

  2. i also discovered i need new socks as one in each pair of mine has a worn patch or a hole! love that Noddy car - how funny to see a real life one! hmmmm many a whistle flute i have accidently lost from a party bag *ahem* x

  3. I love that car! The cookies get delicious and those recorders would definitely go 'missing' in our house!

  4. Love the car. I think our recorder might have got lost too.

  5. The year is certainly flying by! Wow a real Noddy car! Well done on your win hope dad liked his gift. Have a great week x

  6. Oh I love the Noddy car! My socks are like that too! Kz x

  7. Haha! I love the recorders pic - reminds me of when H has a friend over and they play together - ouchhhh. Although her cousin now has a trumpet... that's interesting! I fear for my sister's sanity!

  8. love the Noddy car, not sure I would fancy driving it.
    Mmmmmmm at the recorders, make sure they use them lots when he is in.
    How nice of Becky to save you a biscuit each.

  9. You're brave at getting the recorders. I try to avoid musical toys, though we do have quite a few, which I totally hate. lol @ the socks with holes, we have lots of them too

  10. Those cookies look delicious! Loving the 'Noddy' car!