Saturday, 20 June 2015

Project 365 - Week 25

Doing Project 365 sure makes you realise how quickly the year is flying over....Nearly half way through the year....Eek! I've been a bit rubbish at taking photos this week...I have managed one every day though....Phew!

 164/365. 13th June 2015
The gorgeous gift set I won from Two Hearts One Roof arrived....It was swiftly hidden away for fathers day.

165/365. 14th June 2015
Ellie wanted sparkly nails so she got them :)

166/365. 15th June 2015
 Becky had her fortnightly cookery lesson at school.....Cookies!! She saved Ellie, Stu and me one which I thought was so kind of her!

167/365. 16th June 2015
I often see this car driving about but saw it parked and had to have a photo....A real life Noddy car....hehehe

168/365. 17th June 2015
Another fathers day present for Stu....We've been watching Breaking Bad again so I thought this was a good choice.

169/365. 18th June 2015
I have realised I need new Every pair I have has holes in....The shame. (Yes this was a panic photo when I realised I hadn't taken one for Thursday....hehehe)

170/365. 19th June 2015
The girls spent some of their pocket money on recorders.....Why my fella Stu allowed it, I don't know.....I have a feeling these will be getting lost real soon....


  1. haha that made me chuckle about the recorders!!! I am so not looking forward to that stage! My little girl can get a brilliant note out of brass instruments and a didgeridoo and she's only just three. I think things are going to get noisy around here!x

  2. i also discovered i need new socks as one in each pair of mine has a worn patch or a hole! love that Noddy car - how funny to see a real life one! hmmmm many a whistle flute i have accidently lost from a party bag *ahem* x

  3. I love that car! The cookies get delicious and those recorders would definitely go 'missing' in our house!

  4. Love the car. I think our recorder might have got lost too.

  5. The year is certainly flying by! Wow a real Noddy car! Well done on your win hope dad liked his gift. Have a great week x

  6. Oh I love the Noddy car! My socks are like that too! Kz x

  7. Haha! I love the recorders pic - reminds me of when H has a friend over and they play together - ouchhhh. Although her cousin now has a trumpet... that's interesting! I fear for my sister's sanity!

  8. love the Noddy car, not sure I would fancy driving it.
    Mmmmmmm at the recorders, make sure they use them lots when he is in.
    How nice of Becky to save you a biscuit each.

  9. You're brave at getting the recorders. I try to avoid musical toys, though we do have quite a few, which I totally hate. lol @ the socks with holes, we have lots of them too

  10. I'm glad my boys were never into musical toys. I don't think i'd last with the tuneless tunes!!
    The holey socks reminded me of hubby's socks.. always have holes in the toes or heel!!

  11. Those cookies look delicious! Loving the 'Noddy' car!