Thursday 11 June 2015

My Ultimate Bucket List!

The lovely Morgan over at Morgan's Milieu tagged me in her post to share my ultimate bucket list....I love things like this but to think of 50 things I really want to do or want is harder than it looks! I think if I am going to achieve a lot of them I may need to win the lottery!

1. Get a passport.
2. Go to Disney World in Florida.
3. Ride a horse again.
4. Get all dressed up and go out for a meal in a really fancy restaurant with Stu.
5. Learn to drive.
6. Go on a cruise.
7. Learn sign language.
8. Get everything I want doing done in one day.
9. Spend New Years Eve in New York.
10. Get a meaningful tattoo.
11. Bake a rainbow cake.
12. Go on a family holiday.
13. Get in a taxi & yell follow that car. Like the do in the movies.
14. Learn how to knit.
15. Visit a proper American diner like the one's on Diner's, Drive in's & Dives.... 
16. Smash a pie in someones face
17. Sleep in an Igloo.
18. Have afternoon tea in The Ritz.
19. Ride a mechanical bull.
20. Have a really great tan.
21. Try every ice cream flavour Ben & Jerry's have to offer.
22. Swim under a waterfall.
23. Go to the cinema by myself and see what I want to see.
24. Dye my hair purple.
25. Catch, Cook & Eat a Fish.
26. Ride and elephant.
27. Fly first class.
28. Jump in a pool fully clothed.
29. Attend a blogging conference.
30. Go on a no budget shopping spree for a whole new wardrobe.
31. Go on the London Eye.
32. Feel comfortable in my own skin.
33. Go and see Wrestlemania.
34. Visit the statue of Liberty.
35. Have a cleaner.
36. Have a proper hair cut and dye at a hairdressers.
37. Be in a flash mob.
38. Try caviar.
39. Go canoeing.
40. Feed a homeless person.
41. Climb an indoor rock wall.
42. Sleep in a haunted house.
43. Throw a dart at a map and just go.
44. Live in a house with a proper garden.
45. Sing karaoke in public.
46. Ride a unicycle.
47. Watch the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace.
48. Learn to drive.
49. Ride a hot air balloon.
50. See my kids grow up happy & have children of their own.

For anyone who hasn't made a bucket list I am tagging you to do so.....


  1. Great list! I've done quite a few of these, and like the sound of several others. That last one's the biggie, isn't it? x

  2. That's a serious bucket list! I love the line - get everything I want done in a day - now where's the magic wand?!

  3. wow what a greta bucket list ~
    think my son will be driving before me !

  4. Great list. I am scared to write one as I know it will be really long

  5. I was reading your list thinking yep yep then saw the pie one. Oooooh I could think of a few people ;). I would so love to do Disney world within the next few years!

  6. A fantastic list of things Kim. I'm sure there's lots in there that you will achieve, no doubt. xxx