Friday 19 June 2015

Lovely Messages - #WotW

This has been one of those weeks were nothing much has happened......We have plodded along with life quite happily.

My word of the week is:

After a rough few days with Ellie and her behavior she went into school and was a little madam....Her behavior book wasn't working anymore so they have decided to carry on with the book but also go back to giving her stickers...Since they have Ellie has been sent home with some lovely little messages from her teacher which has made me smile...

 Especially the one saying "What has happened has an alien swapped with her?" Her behavior has been so different these past few days and it has been lovely....It has been like having a different girl at home....

Each afternoon when Becky has finished school she texts me....Usually just to say hello or ask what we're having for tea....Yesterday I decided to text her first and this is what I do love the messages from her. It's a good job we get free text messages to each other....

I would like to say thank you to everyone who sent me messages and replied to my I'm not going to Britmums post....You are all lovely! When I wrote the post I felt like I was the only person not going to Britmums Live, felt like the only one who worried about traveling and being away from home and felt it would hold me back in blogging....The messages and replies I received were really reassuring and supportive and I feel a lot better about things now.....

Do have a lovely time at Britmums if you are going....I can't wait to follow along on Twittter!!

The Reading Residence


  1. Well done to Ellie, she is doing well, and those texts are funny! I'm not at Britmums, you're not alone! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  2. Happy to hear that Ellie has been good at school - long may it continue :o)
    Wishing you a fabulous weekend Kim x

  3. some great messages all round!

  4. What lovely messages from school, well done Ellie.

  5. This is such a fun post! I love your text messages and well done to Ellie!

    Am not going to britmums too =(