Thursday 25 June 2015

The first year at secondary school....It isn't too bad!

This time last year Becky my eldest girl was finishing her time in year 6 and her Primary school education....She was excited about starting Secondary school....Me not so much! I worried about everything. It is a big change going from primary to secondary school but we have just about got through the first year and I wanted to share a few things which we have realised....

  There is less communication! I rarely get letters home now....The only letters I get are one's about school trips and parents There is no newsletters and Becky is given information that she is meant to pass on to me by word of mouth....I get the odd text message reminding about the term dates but that is it.....

As it is a big school it is nearly impossible to speak to someone....We found that out when we feared Becky had gone missing! I have never been able to get through to Becky's head of year yet!  

Becky is in charge of what she eats....At break time they have a tuck shop which sells sweets and drinks and a snack bar which sells pizza, baguettes and things like that but at lunch time it is slightly healthier....Becky will quite happily spend £2 a day on rubbish but I have to trust her not to....

I miss going to class assemblies, sports day and other events at the school.....The only time we are invited to the school is for the Christmas concert & parents evening....

I was worried about Becky mixing with the older children....Becky was also slightly worried about all them too but the majority of them have been kind and helpful....A couple of days into her first days of secondary school some year 8's were pointing and laughing but it was only because they were in the same position the year before I'm sure....

I am so glad I made a copy of Becky's timetable because she has lost her planner a couple of times and didn't have a clue what lessons she had the next day!

Becky nearly never bothered getting a locker as the padlock was a real faff to open....She is so glad she persevered because now she can leave everything in her locker at school instead of carrying it about....Including her P.E kit.....Eww! It was there until Easter before she remembered to bring it home to wash. lol

The school is huge and Becky has gone to the wrong classroom a few time....It's bound to happen considering they move classrooms each lesson....The good thing was on the first day back there was only the new starters and Year 11's in the school which gave them a day to get used to their new surroundings...

On Becky's first day Stu walked her to school just to make sure she knew the way (She did, but I worried)....It made sure we knew the exact time she had to leave every morning....She now does the walk herself and meets friends on the way....

Everyone has a phone and it wasn't long before Becky started asking for one too....We got her one not because she wanted it but because she walks too and from school and it put our mind at ease a bit....She texts me now when she gets to school and again is on her way home....It makes me feel happier....

Over the summer holidays Becky was given a lot of homework to do....I wrote about it - Unfair Summer Homework! She had essays to write and tests & projects to do....Well since then she has had hardly any....A few online tests and that's about it.....It still baffles me why all the summer homework was given out as hardly any of it was asked for....

Detentions happen with no notice....Becky has had a few five and ten minute detentions....It hasn't been her fault the whole class got them....

Becky has found the lessons more interesting....She has had dedicated lessons to things she had only touched on in primary school....Cooking, science with real chemicals, drama, music and dance.....

Since starting secondary school Becky has really came out of her shell....I was slightly worried about her starting year 7 as she was quiet and a little shy.....I needn't have worried.

Just because your child is best friends with someone in primary school it doesn't mean they will be in secondary..... Becky has made a lot of new friends that she didn't know this time last year....They are totally different from the people she used to be friends with. Her old friends are lovely but her new friends are more like her and share the same interests....

And finally I shouldn't have worried so much....Becky has had a great year and settled in so well....Bring on Year 8!!


  1. I think it is a worry when they go to Secondary School. Things sound so different from Primary. It is good for them to have a bit more independence and make their own mistakes but not so much fun for parents! I'm glad to hear that Becky had a good time in Year 7 and that she got on well. :-)

    1. It is a big change but not as bad as you think :D

  2. I remember the worry well from when Aiden started secondary school. I also came to the conclusion that I needn't have worried so much!
    He's only got 1 more year to go after this one then he'll be moving to his dad's and starting college. Kaycee's only got 1 more year at primary then she'll be starting secondary school. I'm going to try not to worry as much this time but I probably will anyway. It's what we mums do isn't it?! xx

  3. Well done to both of you for a great first year in big school. We start out in little school this September, and I am already anxious!

  4. Awww sounds like a great first year at secondary school - I loved secondary school it was great - so many interesting lessons - I hope year 8 is even better!

  5. It's so natural to worry isn't it, and they go through so many changes, when the start school, then when the move up. It sounds like she's doing brilliantly. You should be a very proud Mummy! x

    1. I am so proud. Thank you!
      It is natural to worry...

  6. Ah thank you for writing this, my son is starting in September, I am so excited about him starting but also really nervous for him. I cannot wait for him to be able to try new things and meet new people but he is not a typical boy and not very tough so I worry they may pick on him for that. Fingers crossed all is ok!

    1. Wishing your son the best of luck! Try not to worry there will be other kids like him....My girl is quiet & shy and all the quiet one's seemed to group together....Thank you!

  7. Lots of interesting observations here - I'd forgotten much of this as it doesn't really apply to my son. But very useful to any parents with children starting in September x