Thursday, 18 June 2015

My Top Five TV Dads - #topTVdads

It's coming up to Fathers Day and to celebrate Curry's are giving us the chance to win a 48 inch TV from Samsung’s curved range worth around £1,800....I have seen these TV's and they look amazing and would make a perfect gift for any dad.....

1. Rick Grimes - The Walking Dead!

It's hard to raise children in a normal world but Sheriff Rick Grimes is doing it while surviving a zombie apocalypse...

He fought to get back to his wife and son at the start of the show and when he finally did he did everything he could to protect them even if that meant killing people who threatened his family - (Shane)....

He shows all the qualities that all fathers strive for...Leadership skills, strength, and loyalty...After his wife gave birth he may have went a little mad but giving the circumstances he can have a free pass on that one....

He has protected his son Carl and his baby daughter Judith in all sorts of situations...In a world where you fight to live he has taught his son Carl how to use weapons against the Walkers while still trying to maintain his son’s morality and innocence.....He might be a bit overprotective but if anyone has the right to be he does....

Rick is the kind of dad you need in a zombie apocalypse!

2. Burt Hummel - Glee

Burt Hummel on Glee was so under rated and under used.....He is a working class guy, bringing his son Kurt up by himself after his wife died....When Kurt came out he didn't bat an eyelid....He was Kurt's biggest supporter, pushing him to try new things (singing a supposedly girls song Defying Gravity), stand up for himself and to be proud of who he is!! The bond they share is amazing and as much as he taught his son he learned a lot too.....

He also gave his son the best Graduation present ever! A performance of Beyonce's Single Ladies....Brilliant!

 When you need support Burt is the dad for you!

3. Walter White - Breaking Bad

Bear with me on this one.....Everyone knows Walter White was a drug dealer/cook....He killed people, lied and did bad things BUT he did have good intentions when he started.....

He found out that he had lung cancer, has a new baby on the way and is poor....He discovers that he can cook crystal meth better than anyone and Pow! That is the money problem sorted....

His entire motive for the situation he got himself into was so he could save money for his family for after he is gone.....I know if I found out I was going to die I would do anything I could to make sure my kids would be OK after I had passed away....Why not go out in a blaze of glory!!.....It goes to show he is a caring dad and would do anything for his children....It was just a shame he got greedy....

Walter White is the dad you don't want to argue with!

4. Homer Simpson

I have to include Homer.....He has been there nearly my whole life....I love him and my kids love him now....

Homer isn't the best role model.....He is lazy, rude, clumsy eats and drinks too much and may strangle his son every now and again....

His parenting style is a bit unorthodox but his heart is always in the right place....He'd do anything for his kids....Remember when he tried to jump Springfield Gorge just to prove to Bart how hard it is to see a family member do something dangerous? hehehe

Homer has also been a boxer, mascot, astronaut, plow driver, mayor, grifter and fortune cookie writer....How many other dads can say they have accomplished all of that. 

Homer is the dad who does care while acting the fool!

5. Jim Royal - The Royal Family

Jim Royal may be unhygienic, slobby and lazy but he reminds me so much of my dad....Not for the reasons I have just mentioned though.....It's his bad jokes, being a miser with his money and his toilet habits that make me think of my dad....Oh and the words he uses. "Tom tit" and "Arse" are two of my dads favourite words....

There are times when I have watched the show and thought my dad has or would say that....Especially when it comes to having the heating on or asking him for money....hehehe Jim Royal isn't the most caring dad....He doesn't show his emotions a lot like my dad but when something big is happening he does show that caring side he has hidden away.... 

Jim Royal is the dad who is like my dad....
Little Hearts, Big Love

This is my entry into Curry's #topTVdads competition....


  1. Great list Kim. Of course I'm with you on the Homer one, he's awesome. I like Rick Grimes too - definitely a useful man to have around. And Walter White, well, yes - he had his heart in the right place at the start. I don't know the others as I didn't watch the programmes but love how you describe them. :)

  2. Lol, I love this list of unconventional but ultimately great dads. Gotta love Homer Simpson - always makes me chuckle and yes, his heart is definitely in the right place! I'm co-hosting a linky for #FathersDay2015 throughout June, it would be lovely if you wanted to share this there:

  3. Fab list. Totally with you on Burt x

  4. Great choices. You can't do a dad list without including Homer. He's the ultimate in TV dads! #fathersday2015

  5. Oh no, where have I been? I'm only familiar with Homer! The last dad btw, sounds like a really fun dad ;) #FathersDay2015

  6. Oh my goodness - I haven't heard of any of these! Except Homer of course! Good Luck! Kaz x

  7. I love this list Kim, really good post x

  8. Great list and I love Homer and his 'special' ways of parenting ;)

  9. This made me laugh! When #1 was Rick, I was excited to see whom else was on your list. Very creative and definitely "modern" dads on this list. Thank you for linking up to #FathersDay2015