Thursday 10 September 2015

Dear Daughter On Your 13th Birthday....

It's official.....I am now a mother to a teenager! Today it is Becky's 13th Birthday! Now that makes me feel old....She is a great girl....I know I am obliged to say that but she really is....This post is for Becky to read one day.....Sorry it's a bit of a long one....

 I know you read my blog.....I have told you to ask me first before you read in case you see something you shouldn't like things about your birthday or Christmas but you sneakily read it....I'm not stupid....So if you are reading this....This is for you!

Lets get the soppy stuff out of the way first.....I love you and I am so proud of you!! You know that....I tell you that everyday!!

You were my first born...Even reading all the books and browsing the websites being a parent for the first time is a shock to the system. One day when you become a mother you will realise nothing can prepare you for the sleepless nights and having to care for someone 24 hours a day but I managed it with you.....Well with the help of your real dad of course....Yes I taught you a lot of things but you taught me how to be a mother....

You were a funny child.....I've told you the stories. About how when you were learning to walk you hated walking outside.....How you hated to go in the bath and go to bed.....How you used to control the TV! The temper tantrums were epic if we dared switch Peppa Pig off.....I hate that pig....You thought it was hilarious that Ellie loved it as much as you did and I had to watch it all over again with her! About how you loved Tigger so much and how you used to be scared of the Britney Spears song

It was just you and I for a while when I separated from your real dad....You know all the issues between him and I and you are so mature about it and know why he isn't in your life at the moment.....I have always said it is your choice if he is in the future....At the moment you are just not interested....You know Stu isn't your biological father but he is the one you call dad.....He is the one who has chosen to be here for all those important moments in your life... 

You started nursery just after your 3rd birthday and HATED it! When you were left you cried and you continued to cry for months.....Thank goodness you finally stopped. When we moved away from your birth town you really started to love nursery. The class was smaller and the teachers nicer (Sorry to your old one's)....Since then you have loved school...

It wasn't long before Ellie came along and you filled the role of a big sister.....I think you are a great big sister to Ellie. She may not always think so but you are.....You are caring and you really do love her....I love to see you both playing together....Stop pretending you are too old to play with her....I know deep down you really love to.... 

Since you started secondary school you have really grown as a person, came out of your shell and it seems like you have turned from a child into a young adult....You are loving being in year 8....Not being a newbie anymore....

You are brighter than you give yourself credit for.....Be brave, speak up for yourself and answer the questions your teachers ask. Even if you are wrong what's the worst that can happen.....Keep working hard my lovely and you will go far!!

I can clearly remember being 13 and it doesn't seem that long ago. Obviously it is but I remember how 13 year old's think.....You think I am always wrong!! I admit sometimes I am but more often than not I am right....I am not being nasty telling you to go in the shower, do your homework, brush your teeth and those sort of things.....I do everything for your own good....One day you will understand and go Ahh! My mam was right! I've been in your position....

You are such an individual....You try not to be a sheep and do what others do....That is one of the things I love about you.....You make your own decisions and do your own things and don't care what others think.....I often wish I could be more like you! 

You are mostly sensible and good but you do have your moments.....I'm blaming the hormones whizzing around your body....We both need to work on stopping shouting at each other....Stop the hacky looks when I am telling you right from wrong....If the wind changes your face will stay like that....hehehe

Some last words of wisdom for you -

If you stop texting me on the way home from school you will walk faster and get home quicker therefor you will have more time to play Minecraft.....I do love those texts though. You are so funny!

Putting your dirty clothes in the washing basket will make me happy....Try it just once and see!

The world will not end if you don't see a Stampy Minecraft video within an hour of it going live.....The same goes for Miranda sings, the SacconeJolys and Zoella videos....

I will think about getting you an X-Box for Christmas.....Stop asking me every day, 20 times a day....

Minecraft is not more important than schoolwork!!

Saying LOL out loud is not cool! It never will be....hehehe

You can't have pizza for every meal but on Saturday you will be choosing what we get from Domino's.....

I love you Becky Boo!! I hope you have the best day!!


  1. What a lovely post, I hope she has a great day. My daughter also says LOL out loud a lot too xx

  2. Aww this is lovely. Happy 13th Birthday Becky!!! xxx

  3. Fab post Kim, my daughter turned 13 three weeks ago and I can so relate to a lot of this! I hope Becky has a great birthday :) x

  4. Ah this is so lovely Kim. Happy Birthday to Becky, I hope she had a wonderful day. And enjoy that Dominos on Saturday!

    1. Thank you! She had a great day and yes we really enjoyed all the pizza x

  5. Beautiful post Kim and what a lovely look back. Happy birthday to Becky and hope she had a wonderful day :-)