Friday 4 September 2015

Everything is new!.... #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is.....

A new month, new toys, new school year, new teachers, two pairs of new shoes for Ellie, a new attitude from her and new problems at school....There has been a lot of new this week!

How is it September already!! It actually feels later than September the weather here has really changed....We have had a couple of chilly days this week. I got my blanket out as I was so cold....I thought about putting the heating on but it feels so wrong putting it on at this time of year!

On Saturday it was Ellie's birthday so she has a lot of new toys to play with.....She was very surprised and very happy with her Doc McStuffins Get Better Talking Doc - Mobile Clinic....My great Aunt, nephew and his mam came to visit on Sunday and brought the girls birthday presents.....We let Becky open hers early from them.....My nephews mam did well and got them Minecraft figures which have been played with a lot since....It was lovely to see some of my family!

On Wednesday Ellie went back to school.....We nearly had a disaster before we even got there....It turned out her new school shoes which I bought a couple of weeks ago were now too small for her.....Ugh! We managed to get them changed for the next size up....Phew!! Ellie was so excited to go to school to see her friends and have her new teacher....

Becky wasn't back at school until Thursday so we decided to go up to her school and have a word with her head of year about the girls that I had to phone the police on during the holidays....(I mentioned it a few weeks ago in my #WotW post) It was easier than trying to get the woman on the phone....We made her aware of what has been going on and she will be having a word with the two girls....Becky has had no trouble so the word must have worked...It was nice to meet Becky's new head of year. She seems lovely which is good because she will be her head of year until she leaves school....

Wednesday flew over and it was time to pick Ellie up from school.....Last year Ellie's new teacher wasn't told that she is deaf in one ear and has to be seated with her good ear to the teacher....I wanted to introduce myself this year to her new teacher and ask if she knew about her hearing loss. After last year I wanted to check.....She didn't know about it!.....The message hadn't been passed on to her or so she said.....I was livid! For two years important information hasn't been passed on.....I went storming into the school to see the head....I was so angry....The head has since said that the notes about Ellie were passed on and the teacher is to blame.....I have always said just because Ellie doesn't have a hearing aid they seem to forget.....She doesn't have a hearing aid because one wouldn't make a difference to her!! They can't forget!! Forgetting could hinder her learning and she already struggles a bit at school.....Her not being able to hear the teacher will only make things worse.....

I have put in a formal complaint and I will be speaking to the hearing lady who comes to do her hearing tests when she is back in her office.....Last year the previous hearing lady (a new one took over) went into the school and spoke to all the teachers....I think this is going to have to be done again! Just because the disability isn't in their face they seem to ignore it and it is not on at all....

Becky had a wonderful first day back at school.....She has her new timetable which she isn't too happy about....She was under the impression she wouldn't be getting double maths anymore...hahaha! She has ended up with triple Unlucky!....Becky saw all her friends and most importantly her She is loving not being the youngest in the school anymore....

It's been a short week at school but my girls have settled back in really well....Ellie has been on her best behavior. We are hoping this continues. Yesterday she even got a lolly for sitting the quietest on the carpet.....After last term I was dreading the return to school but I had nothing to worry about....

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  1. I got you get hearing issue sorted. Sounds like.a busy week and hqppy birthday to your girl X

  2. Ohh lots of new things happening then, sounds like it's been a busy old week :-) Hope you have a great weekend X

  3. Glad that you school problems were sorted this early! I still cant forget that incident with those girls!


    1. Yes so am I....There has been no more issues so that's one less thing for me to worry about! Thank you!

  4. That is a lot of new! Glad the birthday celebrations went well and that the girls are both settling in well again. Such a good job you checked about the hearing message being passed on, so frustrating for you, though. Hope you get it sorted x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

    1. Thank you! It is very frustrating! They have sat her at the front with her good ear to the teacher but I am still annoyed it wasn't addressed to start with!

  5. Sometimes school's are blooming useless aren't they, I'm glad you managed to sort it out about Ellie's hearing in class.
    The temperature is dropping at night now, we've had the heating on the past few nights, crazy! x