Saturday 26 September 2015

Project 365 - Week 39

This was the week my girl got braces, the weather turned chillier and I got lots of parcels....Most of it Christmas shopping and teeth cleaning

262/365. 19th September 2015

A creeper from the Minecraft paper set Becky got for her birthday....It has finally all been put together and has had a lot of use....

263/365. 20th September 2015

An epic hot chocolate! Marshmallows cream and a Flake sprinkled and stuck in! 

264/365. 21st September 2015

Becky's braces were put on....She has done so well this week!

265/365. 22nd September 2015


266/365. 23rd September 2015

Someone was serving a ban from her tablet....She decided instead of sitting there huffing at me she would do some drawing....

267/365. 24th September 2015

Ellie played with 6 bottles filled with water for hours.....It's the simple things in life.....

268/365. 25th September 2015 

When it gets to Friday sometimes we need to just relax a little.....hehehe


  1. I am so pleased that Becky has had a good week with her braces on. Ha ha I feel the pain of the banned tablet! We had a grounded Joseph this week he also had his tech bits taken off him and he has driven the twins mad and I'm sure he has done it on purpose lol x

    1. She has been brilliant! Thank you!
      Kids off their electronics cause nothing but

  2. Fab hot chocolate, perfect for this cooler weather. Glad that Becky did well with her braces this week. I think I need to ban the ipads in our house too, at least once in a while.

  3. I had similar braces when I was younger. Glad she is doing OK with them! That hot chocolate surely is epic!

    1. Thank you! We have been drinking so much hot chocolate....Not all this epic though x

  4. well done to Becky with her braces - it must take some getting use to. that hot chocolate and breakfast look so good! x

  5. Good luck with the braces - we are on the waiting list here - 22 months!!

    1. Eek! We waited about 2 years to get them....Good luck x

  6. Hope she's still getting on okay with the braces, I remember getting mine on for the first time! That hot chocolate looks very good!

  7. sometimes you wonder who suffers most when you ban them from things, you cos they are bored or them cos they miss it,
    Hope the braces work, kids seem to like having them these days.
    Yum my idea of breakfast