Wednesday 9 September 2015

My Tween's Birthday Wishlist....

On Monday Becky was at a loose end and decided to make a list of things she needs in her life.....She isn't being all greedy....She has her reasons! Tomorrow is her 13th birthday.....Eek!

I've been asking her for weeks if not months what she want's for her birthday and she has never really committed to anything until now....Grr! Well she has said she want's an X-Box but I'm planning to get the girls one to share for Christmas....Getting one of them one would just cause arguments....

I refuse to pay a small fortune for next day delivery....One site I saw wanted £8 for the next day delivery for something which was only £9.99.....I'm going shopping tomorrow to pick up her cake so will have to have a look around....Whatever I get will be a nice surprise for her when she gets home from school.....I'm hoping Asda still have the PJ's and Minions top in....I am sure I have seen those in the store....

Whatever I can't find I will have to keep in mind for Christmas....

Personalised Handmade Name Necklace - £48.00 - Not on the High Street
BaByliss Raspberry Elegance Hair Straighteners - £34.99 - John Lewis
Zoella's Beauty Range - Prices vary - Superdrug 
Parragon Ultimate Selfie Kit Gift Set - £9.99 - Argos 
Lilley Grey Multi-Coloured Owl Rucksack - £9.99 - Shoezone
Soap & Glory Festival Survival Stash - £15.00 - Boots
Self Help Book by Miranda Sings - £8.99 - WHSmith
Jellyfish Tank Mood Light - £18.00 - Wicked Uncle

Girls blue check shirt and leggings outfit - £22.00 - River Island
Tom and Jerry Pyjama Set - £9.00 - Asda
F&F Mouse Bootie Slippers - £12.00 - Tesco
Tag Beanie Hat - £4.00 - Asda 
Minions T-shirt - £7.00 - Asda
Girls cream t-shirt and leggings outfit - £18.00 - River Island

For the first time in years Becky hasn't asked for anything to do with One Direction....It feels so strange....I bought her tickets to see them in concert but that isn't until October.....Oh well with them splitting up it could be the last tour they ever do....I hope so....hehehe

I'm sure she will be happy with the presents I have got her....There are a few things from our Minecraft Wishlist which she will over the moon about....  


  1. What some lovely idea, I remember the excitement of putting together my wish list as a child lol. x

  2. Hope she has a wonderful birthday! I quite like the sound of the owl bag for myself. :)

  3. Becky has great taste, I quite like the look of some of these things for myself especially the mood light.

  4. Love the jellyfish light thing - could do with one of those myself! My kids are hopefully getting an xbox between them for xmas too.....if they're on Santa's good list of course x

  5. Buying stuff for a teenager can be so difficult as their likes and dislikes change so often. Good luck with the shopping and at least you know you have Christmas if you get it wrong now!

  6. It's her birthday tomorrow and she's only just told you what she wants!? That has to be better than my children who start their lists the day after their birthday for the following year!

  7. Looks like she's come up with a great wishlist there - hope she has a fab birthday! x

  8. Aww this is lovely - I remember the days of cutting what I wanted out of the Argos catalogue lol!Love those necklaces,so pretty x

  9. OOh now I am liking the Jellyfish lamp x

  10. I think Zoella products would make a great gift for a tween!

  11. Great wish list! I think I'd love the rucksack myself too, as well as Zoella beauty products. Wishing Becky a happy early birthday!

  12. Loving her taste, especially the clothing items - I would be happy with some of them!

  13. I love name necklaces! I have a silver one that I love. The backpack is really pretty too x

  14. Great wishlist, I love her taste in clothes! I hope she had a lovely day

  15. Aww. When I was that age I had a whole collection of personalised name necklaces hehe... And the obligatory hair band lol x

  16. Love that wish list and those necklaces seem to be a trend ,I want one too now although I am not 13 , only otherwise lol