Saturday 19 September 2015

Project 365 - Week 38

Time for Project 365 again. When it says week 38 it makes me realise how we are closing in onto the end of the year! Eek!

I had another rubbish week for taking photos.....I nearly managed one every day....I ended up having have pinch one from Becky....hehehe

255/365. 12th September 2015

Domino's....A late birthday treat for Becky! We ate it all eventually....Warmed up pizza the next day always tastes so good....

256/365. 13th September 2015

It turns out if you leave my girl alone with insulating tape a teddy and a doll this will happen.....So scary!

257/365. 14th September 2015

This last week hasn't been the best week for one reason and another....I spent a fair bit of it dealing with the Child maintenance people....Gladly something is sorted now and I now receive £7 a week from Becky's biological father. I suppose it's better than nothing which I have been getting for the last 8 years or so!

258/365. 15th September 2015

Since Becky got an Instagram account she is obsessed with taking photos! Photos of everything including me! lol

259/365. 16th September 2015

Last weekend I didn't do the usual weekly grocery shop....The cupboards were rammed full. Mid week they were starting to go down a bit....We still have a crazy amount of beans and tins of beans and sausages!

260/365. 17th September 2015

Pea and Ham soup....Looks like dog vomit but tastes so good....

261/365. 18th September 2015

My fella and I went out for lunch....It was Friday so we had cheeky drink.....It felt so naughty but I have found out I love Wild Berries Rekorderlig Cider....hehehe

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