Tuesday 22 September 2015

Mister Cleghorn's Seal - Book Review!

What do you do if you find an abandoned seal pup on a rock in the middle of the sea? Well, take it home with you to your flat, of course. At least that’s what Mr Albert Cleghorn thought, though perhaps he hadn’t considered all the complications…

This is the story of what then happened to Mr Cleghorn and Charlie the seal in their determination to find a home for Charlie and, incidentally, happiness for them both.

Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, Mister Cleghorn’s Seal is a classic in the making from the inimitable Judith Kerr also famous for writing The Tiger that came to Tea and the Mog book series....

Aimed at children 7 years plus I thought it was ideal for Ellie....She's 8 and a good reader......She has read a little every night and has thoroughly enjoyed it.....

It is a beautifully illustrated book....One of the best I have seen in a long time....

 The story is lovely but the Afterward tells Mister Cleghorn’s Seal is inspired by a story her father told her about taking in an abandoned seal pup and keeping it on his balcony....I won't ruin it but the afterward nearly made me cry.....

This is such a touching story which is well worth a read....Perfect for young readers! 


We were sent this Mister Cleghorn’s Seal free of charge in exchange for this blog post....All opinions and thoughts are our own....


  1. I've seen several great reviews for this book but nobody has spoilt the ending so I can't wait to read it for myself :)


  2. This looks like a lovely story,
    and would make the perfect stocking filler! :) x

  3. aw this sounds really cute. Lovely illustrations #triedtested x

  4. I like Judith Kerr-this looks lovely.

  5. I want to take a seal pup home!!! Sounds like an enchanting book x #TriedTested x

  6. Sounds like a lovely story I will have to try it with my kids sometime. x

  7. This looks a lovely book, aww it sounds like a moving story ..