Wednesday 20 January 2016

My Childhood Memories....

I love a good tag and ages and ages ago I saw the My Childhood Memories one over on What Katy Said.....It has been sat in my drafts for months until now.....

1. What is your earliest memory?

The earliest memory I have is sitting on the settee when I was four years old eating dry cereal and being told not to move by my grandad....I'd fallen down the stairs and I've been told since that my mam and dad were out collecting money for the milk round they had....There was no mobile phones back then so they couldn't be contacted so I was waiting for my Aunt Jean to come and take me to hospital....I broke my arm....I don't remember going to the hospital or having a caste put onto my arm or staying the night in hospital but I do remember kicking up a fuss when I was woken up early and there was no hot chocolate and then finding out I was on a ward full of boys! lol

2. Did you have a favourite toy?

I had a little pink teddy that was handmade....I loved it and had it until I was about 13 years old....It got boxed up and put in storage when we moved house and lost :(

3. Who was your first best friend?

She was called Claire....We would go to each others houses for tea....Had a big thing for collecting these Neighbours (the TV show) trading cards and were as thick as thieves at school.....

4. Who was your first crush?

I loved a boy called Kieron when I was about 5 years old....He was lovely....hehehe

5. Did you have a favourite teacher?

There was a teacher called Mrs Baines who wasn't actually my teacher she was my brothers....She was so kind and never shouted....I always wanted her as my teacher....

6. What clothes sum up your childhood?

Bad dresses....See the one at the start of the post! Jelly shoes, frilly socks, scrunchies, shell suits, Hypercolor t-shirts and Sweater Shop jumpers....

7. What was your worst injury as a child?

I cut my hand....I was washing the dishes and a glass smashed....My mother thought it was a wind up as it was April fools day....She wasn't laughing so much when I ruined her tea towels with all the blood....hehehe

8. What was your favourite song?

It was Let's Get Ready to Rhumble by PJ & Duncan (Ant & Dec)

9. What was your favourite book?

It was Each Peach Pear Plum.

10. What did you get from the sweet shop?

10 pence mix ups of course....A time long ago when you actually used to get 10 sweets for 10p......Blackjacks and Fruit Salads were my fave....


  1. Love that you chose Let's Get Ready to Rhumble! Oh the days of getting 10 sweets for 10p....! x

  2. I now have that song going round and round in my head. Never too old for a bit of PJ and Duncan!

  3. Thanks for sharing your childhood memories Kim. I was a huge fan of the 10p mix up here as well x

  4. I used to have sweater shop jumpers and I had a globalhypercolour tshirt too, yeah fashion wasn't the best in the 1990's :D 10p mix ups were the best, flying saucers, beer bottles, pink mushrooms and shrimps.

    The Life of Dee

  5. Your girls look so like you as a child ! I had a sweater shop jumper too can remember 10p mix ups xx