Saturday 16 January 2016

Project 366....Week 2

What a week....I am so glad it's nearly over! We've had boiler problems, trouble at school with Becky my eldest....She earned her first detention and

9/366 9th January.
Cookies! I couldn't decide which one to get so got them all....The Jaffa one's are amazing!

10/366 10th January.
I tried some new drinks and loved them....Grace Aloe Refresh....I have already added some to my shopping order...

11/366 11th January.
The boiler broke and on Monday it was fixed....The mess! Arrgh! The repairman did clean it up thankfully!

12/366 12th January.
We finally got around to trying the Old El Paso Stand N Stuff  Tortillas filled with bolognese mix and covered in cheese.....They were a huge hit! We will be having them again!

13/366 13th January.

14/366 14th January.
 We had snow....It didn't last long.

15/366 15th January.
Homework time.

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  1. Sounds like a busy week, we had a tiny bit of snow too. At least your boiler is fixed if it gets colder now.

    1. It got colder and thankfully we were warm. Thank you!

  2. That mess for the boiler being repaired! We have tried those tacos, they're very yummy aren't they?

    1. He tidied most of it up...
      They are delicious! Thank you!

  3. Oh dear, that is a mess! Glad the boiler is sorted though. We like the Stand 'n' Stuff Tacos too :) That's a proper concentration face for the homework.

  4. Oh no at the boiler breaking down, why do they not do this in the warmer months?
    Oh no at the detention, not good.
    We had plenty of snow as well, stayed for 3 days but pretty much gone now.
    Aaaahhhh minecraft, Bob wants a minecraft cake for his birthday

    1. I know! Boilers never break in the summer. lol
      Ohh I hope Bob gets his Minecraft cake! x