Saturday 2 July 2016

A photo everyday for a year! #Project366 - Week 26

Eek! Week 26 means we're halfway through the year! This year is going too quickly....The girls are happy as they love this time of year....The excitement of school finishing for the summer in a couple of weeks and their birthdays over the next few months.

177/366 25th June.
After a few months break I started playing World of Warcraft again....

178/366 26th June.
A bit of Sunday DIY. He made Ellie a desk for her laptop.

179/366 27th June.
A fab delivery of Haribo treats to promote a competition they have. We love Haribo. hehehe

180/366 28th June.
I ordered the girls the Alvin and the Chipmunks DVD....I have kept it hidden. I'm waiting for a rainy, bored day to get it out. I don't think we'll have too long to wait!

181/366 29th June.
Our front garden....I have been nagging Stu to trim the rosebush a bit....He finally got around to doing it yesterday. Only I shamed him into it by taking photos. hehehe

182/366 30th June.
Becky's new blazer for September....It's a bit on the large size but she'll grow into it....I am hoping it lasts a couple of years at least. 

183/366 1st July.
Stu was sorting the garden and Ellie was collecting sticks. She tried to make fire....She didn't succeed. Phew! She said she will try again another day when everything isn't so damp. lol

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  1. I'm totally with the girls, I love this time of year too! Am very impressed with Stu making a desk. I need to decide if my eldest needs a new blazer - he's going into y11, so will only need it for one year, but he's grown so much lately I think he will have to have one!