Tuesday 19 July 2016

Things have changed so much since my girls were little...

When my girls were babies I thought I had everything I needed....No, no, no. Now I read parenting blogs and see so many things that I would have loved when my girls were little. So many things that I think are just genius and curse them because they were not around when my girls were babies....

These are a few of those things. 

The SnuzPod.

The award-winning 3 in 1 bedside crib that allows you to easily comfort, settle and feed your baby without having to leave your bed....

Co-sleeping wasn't a big thing when my girls were little.....I can't think of anyone who did it but this I think is the closest you get to co-sleeping without actually having your child in the bed.... 

When Becky was a baby she slept in a Moses basket next to the bed....Ellie slept in her Moses basket which was put inside the cot next to the bed....To see them properly I would have to sit right up and even get out of bed....This is just so convenient. 

Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair. 

The high chair that can actually fit your child from birth to their teenage years.... 

My girls both had a high chair with a tray on the front which meant they were never sat at the dining room table properly....Then there was a booster seat but it was never the right height...Grr! This is such a great idea... 

Little Dish toddler meals. 

These were not around when my girls were little....If they were I didn't notice them. They would have been ideal for when we were busy....The meals and pizza contain only 100% natural ingredients, no added sugar and every meal contains at least one of your little one’s 5 a day.....They sound very tasty too. 

Fancy changing bags. 

I mean the changing bags which don't look like changing bags....Wow! They have changed so much over the years....They look so classy and sophisticated now. Nothing like the one's I had with my girls.... 

Travel Systems.

They were around but they were expensive and no where near as pretty as they are now. Some of the travel systems now fascinate me....How they change in so many different ways....You can adjust the height of the handles. That never happened years ago....They sound so light now too. Mine was heavy and once I had folded it I could hardly carry it...It was a nightmare going on the bus with it as back when my girls were little as buses weren't pushchair friendly... 

Things have changed so much since my girls were little....I think if I had a baby now I wouldn't know where to start with buying everything. There is just so much choice out there now and so many new inventions. 


  1. Haha these are alsready available when my son was born was some were just so expensive! I still want that chair! Its so genius isnt it? #mmbc

    1. hehehe....Everything is so expensive!. I would hate to have a baby now and have to pay the crazy prices. That chair is fab!

  2. I so agree with you, everything seems a lot nicer than back a few years ago and so many more designs. Which I'd had a funky changing bag instead of a boring black one!

    1. Everything does seem nicer now...Everything is so much prettier too!

  3. They do seem to come out with so many different products over the years don't they! I noticed that in just the 4 years gap between my two lads, that there was so much more choice available with my youngest x

    1. They do...Imagine what will be available when our kids have kids. Eek x