Thursday 21 July 2016

Schools out for summer!

Both of my girls finished school yesterday for the summer....Hooray!

This was them on their first day back in September.

I've actually had to look back on blog posts from the past year to see what notable things have happened at school and there is hardly anything....Becky was in year 8 and Ellie was in year 4. I think they are the most boring school years ever....hehehe Nothing much has happened....They have just continued with school life without any drama.

Becky absolutely loves school. She has loved being in year 8. I think it's down to the fact she wasn't the youngest in the school anymore....She has got the hang of being at secondary school and knows what is expected of her, she knows the rules and knows how to bend them....hehehe

Becky still hates PE and gave us a chuckle when she forged a note to get her out of PE. It didn't work. lol She is doing so well with I.T. It is probably her favourite subject and also French. At the moment she is thinking about a career in cookery but time will tell...Next year she chooses her GCSE subjects which will be exciting....

Becky brought home her art book last week and it really surprised me how talented she is....She isn't one for sitting drawing and being creative at home so it was lovely to see....

Ahh! Ellie....She isn't a fan of school but this year she has really surprised us by trying so hard in all her subjects especially writing which she hasn't been too good with in the past. I'm just gutted she never got her pen license this year....Her writing is probably neater than mine when she puts her mind to it....She is at all the levels she should be at and for her maths, reading and science she is above where she should be....We have spent a good part of this school year worrying that she is behind the other kids in her class but it turns out we had nothing at all to worry about....

Ellie prefers learning fun things instead of boring maths and Over the last year her class have done topics about China & The Romans and she has really taken an interest in them.....She had a great time making part of Hadrian's wall and one of the forts....It has been on display in the library since the middle of May and she is so proud of it. Yesterday she got to bring it home and now her dolls are playing at being soldiers....

Both of my girls keep making me proud....In September they go into Year 9 and Year 5.....They both have a change of uniform which they are excited about....Becky loses the school jumper and has to wear a blazer and Ellie has to start wearing a v-neck jumper, shirt and tie....

This was them taken yesterday....It's hard to tell that they have grown but they have....I know they are both going to be taller than me. Becky is nearly already....hehehe

No more talking about school....We have the whole summer ahead of us....


  1. I remember your post about Becky forging the note - it did make me chuckle! Glad to hear they've both had a good year - love Becky's art book and Ellie's Hadrian Wall fort is brilliant and I'm sure she must be having a lot of fun being able to play with it now. Hope you have a wonderful summer.

    1. hehehe! I am never going to let her forget the forged note. lol
      They have been fab this year...
      You have a great summer too x

  2. Ah, it's lovely to look back on the year like this. It's just flown by, hasn't it? The art book and fort look brilliant! x

    1. It has! This year has gone quicker than any other year...Eek!
      Thank you!

  3. That art notebook looks amazing! School ended for us today and we are excited too! #pocolo

    1. It does...I love it.
      Have a wonderful summer x

  4. Have a brilliant summer - love that art book and seeing how much they change in a year with the photos is always amazing. Let's hope most of the summer is actually a summer! Thanks for linking to #PoCoLo