Thursday 7 July 2016

Our Summer Bucket List.

The summer holidays will be here soon and I can't wait to spend some quality time with my girls. We have decided to make a bucket list. I know if I don't keep the girls busy they will get bored and bicker and that will make everyone stressed and miserable.

Go on a picnic.
Plant something and see it grow.
Hunt for mini-beasts.
Watch all the Harry Potter films (again).
Make ice cream in a bag.
Go to Amble for the best fish and chips from the Harbour Fish Bar.
Go charity shop shopping.
Have a movie day with popcorn.
See the Tall ships at Blyth.
Visit a museum.
Go to the cinema.
Have a water fight using the Bunch O Balloon water balloons. I think they are such a genius idea!

Go to the beach.
Do some baking.
Hook a duck.
Make Play-Doh.
Visit the park.
Have an internet free day.
Go for a walk around the local woods.
Go swimming.
Play Minecraft all day.
Visit the library and borrow some books.
Make ice lollies. Even better one's than the one's we made a couple of years ago.

What do you have planned for the summer?


  1. Sounds like a great list, I bet you will have an awesome summer x

  2. I've been meaning to do this for a while, I better pull my finger out or summer will be here. We have three birthdays in the holiday so lots of celebrating to do :)

  3. Great list, you will have lots of fun. I'm just writing ours as the boys have already started saying they are bored! #MMBC

  4. We love making our summer bucket list. We'll be posting ours sometime next week :) I reckon I'm going to be pinching your Ice Cream in a bag idea! :D xx

  5. Hi Kim, it sounds as if you have plenty planned to keep your two occupied and your making ice cream in a bag intrigues me! I must admit that top of my summer bucket list is just surviving summer! I can't believe I've not even ventured in the sea for a swim yet, so that will be number two on my list, very soon!

    Have a great summer and I hope you have some good weather to boot.


  6. Love your ideas. Those bunch o balloons look fab don't they - I think I may have to get some as the kids will LOVE them (mammy not so much!)

  7. Your bucket list sounds more fun than ours! I'll have to get some inspiration from it. We tried those water balloons before, not the easiest to fill but definitely faster! That ice-cream in a bag looks too easy to make, we must try it out as well! Have a fab Summer holiday! x

  8. I love this list!! You have inspired me to write a list for this summer!
    I need to copy the no intyernet for a day - just for me to put my phone down for one day, no quick snaps to share, instead if I want a shot, I would use the real camera!

  9. What a great list you have all come up with. I have been doing a similar list this evening, but boy it is hard to come up with things they both like to do being nearly 14 and 10 AND different sexes x

  10. That's a fabulous list - sounds like you've got lots of ideas for things to do in the summer! We've done one for the first time this year too and I'm looking forward to try to tick things off the list. Good luck with yours! :-)